24 Men Reveal Exactly Why It Annoys Them When Their Girlfriend Discusses Their Sex Life Behind Their Back


1. A lot

It would bother me a fair bit, I like my privacy and I wouldn’t appreciate her sharing things like that.

— Hawks_2008

2. Seriously a lot

You don’t tell the folks at a dinner party that your GF is into face-to-face anal where the guy spits in her mouth.

I think we can all agree that that would be kinda inconsiderate.

But apparently women tell their girlfriends absolutely fucking everything. And that is, quite simply, completely fucking out of order.

— Tammylan

3. It depends

I’m OK with her girlfriends knowing everything. Her mom knowing? Well, not really, but it wouldn’t bother me that much.

— Testiculese

4. It truly depends

It would depend on what it is. If she was telling them some really embarrassing issue that I have – that would bother me. But if she was just telling them a description of something we did… that wouldn’t bother me.

— Klx3908

5. Would rather she not

For me, I’d still rather she not tell anyone, even if it is flattering. I don’t care for my MIL thinking about my monster cock when she sees me.

— Extra_Daft_Benson

6. Totally unacceptable — ended our friendship

I had this happen once with someone I was seeing. After we messed around, she shared details and my sexual history with other people.

She and I are no longer friends because of it, and she knows precisely why. Its a breach of trust, privacy, etiquette, and common sense.

— Diablo165

7. They shouldn’t, but they will

Hate to break it to you, but girls talk all the time, in detail. I slept with a few girls, but as a gentleman I kept my mouth shut. But still, everybody knew everything, in detail. I’ve also been on the other side, where girls will tell me very intimate details about people I know, especially when it’s in mixed company.

— drunken_man_whore

8. Zero tolerance

With you on this one. I generally live my life with a zero tolerance for shitty etiquette I don’t agree with, one being my SO telling everyone our sexual exploits. I very nearly lost it on her on a double date cuz she wouldn’t stop telling her best friend we did right in front of me.

— drifter006

9. Would bother me a lot

It would bother me very much. Most of her friends are my friends and most of mine are hers, and I value my privacy, so I would be very unhappy about it.

— LordWalderFrey1

10. A lot — and yes, it includes your BFF!

A lot. Too many women don’t understand that “intimate private and secret stuff” doesn’t mean “except with my BFF because I tell her everything.”

Because the fucking BFF also has another best friend she has no secret for, and so on and so on.

— n0ggy

11. Our personal life is ours

I have told mine that our personal life is ours. I don’t share any of that with anyone else. Nor do I want her doing the same.

— jebthereb

12. Doesn’t matter unless I explicitly say

It’s something I pretty much assume is going to happen. I’m OK with it. If I don’t want her to tell anyone else, I’d say “just keep this between us.” If she tells other people about it after that, then it’s a problem.

— B0000000BS

13. She did a *lot* without permission

Oh, I had an ex-girlfriend who did a lot worse. She kept taking pictures and videos of me naked, and then circulated them around our group of friends, without my consent.

She did a lot of things that I didn’t agree to… Such as talking me into pay for a weekend away, under the pretense that we would be able to spend some decent time together… only for her to break away the first chance she got to hook up with her ex-girlfriend who lived nearby. She even went so far as to text me about their kinky shenanigans whilst I sat waiting in the hotel…

And then when I cut her out of my life, I’m the bad guy. I become a pariah amongst our shared friends, and her ex-girlfriend does everything she can to ruin my reputation. She is a big part of the reason why I stay single these days.

— Levitus01

14. Yeah, sex should be just between us

Yeah it would bother me, our sex life is something between her and I and I don’t want other people to know about it.

— aVeryConfusedGuy

15. She went behind my back

This happened to me. My girlfriend was secretly texting her ex-boyfriend about our relationship and seeking his advice on personal issues. The gut punch is that this guy had cheated on her twice and severely emotionally abused her in the past.

In other words, she decided to trust a serial cheater and abuser over me. In her eyes, my opinion – about my own fucking relationship – was literally worth less than his.

It damn near killed me. Put me into depression. I forgave her, and then a month later she used me to buy her vacation tickets and then dumped me the next week claiming that I wasn’t sexually attractive enough and this wasn’t gonna work.

— Nobodyatnight

16. I don’t like it, but I’ve accepted it

I don’t like it, but at this point I automatically assume it’s going to happen. I have yet to be proven wrong on this. Best bet is to hope that it’s flattering.

— Pariah_D0g

17. Confidence should stay in confidence

If I’m confiding in someone, be it my partner or anyone else, I expect them to not disclose that information.

— AverageUnknown

18. Quite a LOT

Quite a lot. If I wanted her friends to know about my sex life, I’d tell them myself. The last thing I need is to get weird looks from them whenever I walk into a room, and feel self-conscious about it.

— Greyfeld

19. It’s a dealbreaker

It would piss me the fuck off that’s for sure. When you tell someone something in confidence and then they use it for conversation fodder with their friends its a huge violation of trust. I would never share stuff like that about my wife and I expect her to have enough respect for me to do the same.

— anillop

20. Learned to accept it, but it’s still BS

I’ve learned to accept it, it’s okay now (I’ve been involved in “worse” that I’ve learned to feel comfortable with anyway).

But I do feel there is a blatant double standard with that, as well as a strong inconsistency with general expectations of privacy between people.

Thing is, I don’t know if this goes with my type of girls, but they usually liked to have that sort of discussion as part of girls talk. It bothered me a lot. But the world is what it is and I started to make do with it.

— kumesana

21. Big, BIG red flag!

That’s a red flag to me if I found out. Some things are meant only for her and me, not to be shared with anyone else and running to friends with any intimate details of our lives is simply immature. You live with your partner and you create family with them, not with your friends. If you don’t understand it, then well, bye.

— mohers

22. Don’t mind — we are both transparent.

We are both open about sex and feel like there is too much sensitivity and taboo around it. Part of making something normal is talking about it like it’s normal. Obviously there’s a time and a place, but yeah I don’t have a problem knowing she talks about our sex life with her girlfriends.

— rapiertwit

23. Women will gossip. End of story.

At this point it’s safe to say every single “secret” I tell any woman will be gossiped about with all her friends. Of course she (if she’s my girlfriend) will tell the secret in a positive light, I’m just saying that it will be told, and there should be no expectation of confidentiality when talking with a woman.

— MizterUltimaman

24. It really depends.

Depends. If I told it in a very vulnerable and intimate situation, where secrecy and privacy are implied, then it would be a very big problem. If it’s something I shared with her in a fun and playful setting, which can still be intimate, but not as personal, then it wouldn’t bother me at all.

— Gangster301

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