19 Men Reveal How They’d React If Their Girl Suddenly Started Giving Them ‘Road Head’



“Sounds really fucking dangerous, but I’d probably let it happen anyway because that’s just the sort of thing you do when you have a dick.”



“Two of my buddies have told me they’re not going to accept road head anymore because during orgasm they’ve both nearly died. One friend said his foot locked down on the accelerator and the other side he got weak and started losing control.”

— DrStephenFalken


“I’ve gotten lots of road head. Not that dangerous. Cell phones are more distracting.”

— Casus125


“I tried this once. It was a fun novelty for a few minutes, but it made driving harder and I couldn’t focus on enjoying it.”

— VincentGrayson


“It was impossible to cum cause I had to concentrate on driving. Better in porn than in real life.”

— BlueSignRedLight


“Had a friend who told me a story about how his brother was getting road head when on the highway. He took an exit off and hit a bump. That caused the girl to bite down and the rest was history. Ever since I heard that story I have had no desire to receive it.”

— Velociman


“Way back when I was taking the commute bus in New Orleans just staring out the window bored out of my mind.

Truck passes us and I happen to notice the dude getting head. Thought hell yeah until they ran into the cement middle rail thing and the truck bounced about 3′ up in the air. Always wondered if that dude lost his dick.”

— highlow33


“Hot AF.

I drive a stick though so it kind of gets in the way. I ended up following a big rig on the freeway so I won’t have to worry about shifting. Ended up missing my exit and going 30 minutes in the wrong direction.”

— FaxCelestis


“Fucking great! We ride together we die together! Couldn’t be more romantic than that, yes?”

— FaenK


“It’s amazing! The wife and I will gravel travel and do this. Mostly it leads to pulling in a field lane and escalating from there!!”

— Theflyingfarmer


“Tried it and it doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I don’t multitask well, but I can’t drive safely AND still have enough attention left over to process what’s going on and stay hard.”

— devilized


“Tried it on the wrong road one time and almost had an accident. In my experience, it sounds better in theory than in practice.”

— Lincoln183


“Disaster. I’ve only ever received one toothless one, and they’ve all been with me staying still.

That’s asking for a tooth scraping or worst case, a biting.”

— cnprof


“Much better in theory than in practice. Have had it happen, and I’m glad that it did. But that’s basically just because of the gesture. I enjoyed that she wanted to do that, but I can’t say I enjoyed the BJ as such. More stressful than anything.”

— temporarygiant


“If it’s a road trip and it’s one of those boring stretches of road FUCK YES! If I’m driving around LA like normal oh god no, I need to be as alert as you do driving through Baghdad.”

— Lost_in_costco


“Only awesome if SHE initiates it. Especially if she doesn’t say anything. Just does it.”

— tryingtofindanswers


“Trying to maintain concentration is a bitch during road head. Side note, I had a buddy that worked in a mortuary. He had some young couple come in for embalming. They had to break her jaw to get his penis out of her mouth. So there are risks.”

— emein


“Absolutely fucking amazing.. The joys of electric everything, means a quick seat adjustment, locking in cruise control, button controlled acceleration and deceleration, and we’re good to go. Add her amazing ass in the air and a reach over to play with her pussy…”

— themadscientist1


“On the highway? Use cruise control.

On a regular road? Have him drive with his left foot on gas/break.

Make sure he can grab a titty if needed.”

— boston_shua


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