14 Women Talk About The Worst Dick Pic They Ever Got (And What Made It Particularly Awful)



“All the unsolicited ones.”

— MostlyALurkerBefore


“One time a dude sent me a dick pic but he used the mirror filter so that it looked like a dick was growing out of a dick. That was odd.”

— pinkpixy


“All of them I didn’t explicitly ask for.”

— Sabuleon


“Anything with a visible toilet.”

— tc88


“I once had been kik messaging with a guy I’d met online for a couple of days, when he asked if I’d be his girlfriend. I replied that I wasn’t ready after two days, after which he continued to pester me. I then started ignoring his messages, as it had become clear that he wouldn’t accept even the nicest way of saying ‘no.’

A week after I last talked to him, the asshole sends me a close-up video of him jerking off, which I unfortunately ended up receiving while out for a nice dinner with my parents. At least I made the right call not to open it then.

What a charmer.”

— salomeveil


“If they’re standing over the open toilet. It’s like they were about to take a piss but had morning wood and…what, thought it was a good idea to share? Ugh.

I call those “dick turds” by the way, that’s what they look like to me.”

— zugzwang_03


“My ex sent me a picture of his dick from the taint/butthole up with his balls and face visible. He looked really proud of himself in the picture.”

— Shodia


“I got sent a video of him peeing in the toilet with a very clear view of his dick.”

— Brittanyeva22


“I once got a dickvid of a guy popping/cracking their penis.”

— nicoleluvzya


“ALL of them. Dick pics are nasty. Want to send me something sexy? White t-shirt, blue jeans, James Dean look is hot as hell. Mid-t-shirt-removal is hot as hell. Lady likes to have a little left to the imagination.”

— NotAnotherWhatever


“All were bad and unasked for…but the untamed herpes dick was a bit much.”



“I’ve also received one before. Went out on quite a few dates with this guy but eventually we had to break up after a month because I found him to be too self-centered but he didn’t take it too well. A few days later, I got a whatsapp message from him “You know you want this” with a few dick pics. What’s worse, I happen to open his message in a crowded train, and I don’t know if anyone saw it. I exited at the next stop out of embarrassment.”

— serene_risa


He was my superior at work and had a fiance, and I was really not interested

— RavenousVageen


“I had a coworker, and we both opened up the restaurant. He didn’t always have a ride, so sometimes I would pick him up on my way. We traded numbers for this reason of course.

Anyway, he does some shit on my day off and gets fired. After about 2 months he starts texting me, and we are just talking about what we’ve been up to, friendly conversation. We start talking about video games, and mid conversation BOOM dick pic. Cmon dude. We weren’t even being flirty or anything.”

— VioletViola Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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