14 Men And Women Talk About The Best Sex They Ever Had (And What Made It *That* Amazing)

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1. Our hate fueled it

We didn’t like each other very much. We’d known each other for a while and got along, but had this competitive work thing going and the competitive nature of our interactions took off and we developed this hate thing. On a business trip we went out for drinks and I decided WTF she’s hot let’s see.

Three days of “crazy I’m going to break” you sex. She won. We dated for a few months, the sex stayed amazing, but we were not right as a couple. After we broke up I moved to a new company and every so often she’d need help a ceiling fan or something and invite me over….the damn fan never got fixed.

— PolybiusChampion

2. Totally in the moment

We were in her room and we had Arctic Monkeys playing on full blast. We were grinding and making out in our underwear, until I decided I had enough so I bent her over and fucked her like crazy on her desk.

— chrisaras

3. We didn’t get along, but we did get it on

There was a group of friends I saw every now and then, so did this girl. We were both peripheral members of the core group. Anyway we didn’t get on, like at all. We would argue and make jibes at each other in front of the others. Anyway were at a gathering and 3 of the girls go out to get some weed and more alcohol, the guys go with them as they didn’t want them going by themselves. I would have gone myself but I was having a smoke in the back garden.

So they leave and it’s just this girl, myself and a guy who passed out on the toilet early doors.

We’re forced to deal with this situation, we tried talking and it escalated into a semi-flirty argument which I ended with…’you couldn’t handle me’. So she straddled me right there on the sofa and we had an incredibly intense anger fuck and finished, got ourselves looking presentable again before the others arrive. We never had sex again but it did wonders for our relationship, no more arguments.

— Zulu-Cthulhu

4. We had 7 minutes

The lack of time. We were on vacation with her parents and wanted to do it so badly. They were down at the pool and told us specifically they would be up in 7 minutes. This gave us our only time guarantee and so we rushed upstairs for five minutes of sex. No bed, no floor, just pushed her up against the wall and came in like three minutes. We both loved it. So much passion.

— RIPelliott

5. We fucked in every room

My girlfriend and I had our apartment in college all to ourselves (we had 3 other roommates). We were the last to leave for Christmas break, so we did it in basically every room. Our bedroom, the kitchen, the living room. And since we were alone, she could be as loud as she wanted.

— The3Broomsticks

6. I didn’t fuck her, she fucked me

She was absolutely beautiful, she was comfortable as hell with herself, and most importantly she was like an Olympic gold medalist in kegal exercises. She could make her pussy squeeze and contort in ways I never thought possible. I lasted all of 30 seconds. The second time all of a minute, the third time maybe a minute and thirty seconds. We were just fuck buddies for a couple months, but never once did I ever fuck her. She fucked the shit out of me every single time.

My saving grace was that I’ve got oral down to an absolute art. She kept coming back for the oral, and was so kind she let me flop around on top of her for 45 seconds afterwards everytime. That pussy was literally designed and chiseled by gods. It was not of this world.


7. We fucked until we had no more condoms

When I my Ex broke up with me years ago. She was the first true love of mine and I was utterly floored, but in hindsight I could understand her. I wasn’t ready yet and couldn’t handle it. After that I went to a club and met this tall redhead who was incredibly beautiful and we had sex… boy had we sex… we literally fucked until we had no more condoms. We spent about 10-12 hours in my bed sleeping, having sex, being gentle with each other, talking…

…then she left and didn’t show up to a date we made. Never heard of her again. Can’t be mad at her.

— ch4ppi

8. The sex that finally made a baby

We tried having a baby for 8 years. One night, my husband was uncharacteristically romantic. The love was so tender and beautiful. First and only time I’ve ever cried afterwards because it was so perfect. I knew it my heart “this was it” I found out soon after that night that I was 2 weeks pregnant. Our special baby will be 3 in April.

— sauerpatchkid

9. The afterglow lasts for days

He’s got girth, and i’d been crushing on him for about a year. he was also cute, and lasted just perfect. oh and he gave a killer oral

The feeling was right, the penis was right, the oral was right, the touch and the penetration… etc

The last time we did it was a few days ago and i’m still glowing from it

— zotopia

10. I got to hold him afterwards

It was the first time my ex was able to sleep at my house, since nobody was home. It felt great not having to rush, and knowing that afterwards I would get to hold him till we fell asleep. He spent a long time working to get me off multiple times

— astrovizi

11. The dark side of rough sex

one of my favorite moves is the half half whole. teasing her with only part of my length and building up the tension, making her want it, need it. but this girl couldn’t stand it and grabbed onto my ass and pulled me forcefully inside her.

the moan of pleasure she let escape was so incredibly hot i just had to go to town on her. then she told me to choke her. i had never done that before so i gripped her neck lightly. she told me not do do it like a pussy. after that i wrung her out like a wet towel and from then on i was turned to the dark side of rough sex.

— Yazy117

12. Great hiking trip ;)

The perfect combination of being with a beautiful girl, out in nature, the thrill of being caught, and the spontaneousness off it all. Best hiking trip ever.

— Baboopolis

13. Best rebound ever

I had just gone through an awful breakup, I was devastated, but within a month of the breakup I somehow got invited over for a booty-call by this gorgeous woman I just met.

It made me feel needed, it made me feel wanted, it made me feel like a man again. It also felt like the universe was telling me I could do better than the girl who ripped my heart out.

— theartofeverything

14. Sexy games

The game “Sex Stack”. Basically Jenga with numbers that match up to cards with different sex acts on them. Lots of new things to try out, and it’s really hot with the stop-and-go of it. You both end up getting so turned on after a little while that neither of you can take it, and just fuck the shit out of each other and cum immediately. I played it a couple of times with my last girlfriend and every time was amazing.

— boobityskoobity Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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