13 Guys Reveal The Biggest Reasons Why They Won’t Hook Up With A Girl

God & Man
God & Man

1. Lousy bed

Because I have a bunk bed and I don’t want to get laughed at.

— turtlewinstherace

2. No spark, no sex

No chemistry. There has to be some level of spark. “Random hot chick I know nothing about” doesn’t do it for me.

— KazanTheMan

3. When she’s rude

I cant stand it when a girl is rude or obnoxious. She could be hot as fuck, but if she’s a bitch then I’m instantly turned off.

— dxb_red

4. I need an emotional connection

I personally don’t like casual sex so before I sleep with someone I like to get to know them a bit. I prefer to have some type of emotional connection before sex.

— Layherup

5. Don’t stick my dick in…ya know

She’s crazy. The sex would be great but the fallout won’t be.

— trillkingcell

6. When junk doesn’t taste good

I’d say hygiene/bad body odor, seriously everyone, WASH YOUR FUCKING JUNK.

— Matrozi

7. Pretty obvious but

If she’s ugly.

— wolfoflone

8. Body size

Her size (heh, get it? “biggest” reason)

— forestlady

9. She’s married

She is married. That “We’re separated!” crap doesn’t fly. To much wiggle room to lie and tell falsehoods. I turned down a gorgeous woman with a smokin’ hot body for months until she showed me some divorce papers.

— QuietRulrOfEvrything

10. Won’t let me do oral

If she won’t let me go down on her I’m going to assume there’s something wrong with it.

— Grngeaux

11. If she drinks

I absolutely will not have sex with a drunk chick, even if I’ve been drinking. Alcohol doesn’t really impair my judgement (just my balance), and I don’t find anything attractive about a drunk chick. Plus, I don’t want them to wake up regretting it and start spreading shit about me taking advantage.

— roastduckie

12. Only do kinks

I’m kinky and pretty insecure with vanillaish sex

— SmartSoda

13. ~Instability~

Obvious catty personality, unstable personality. Thin, boney calves.

— OilyB Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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