12 Guys Reveal What A Woman Did In Bed That Changed What They Expected From Sex Forever


1. I finally came from a blowjob

My current girlfriend was actually one of my best friends for a year or two before we started dating. As such, she knew a lot of things about me that GFs typically wouldn’t… for instance, that I had never gotten off from a blowjob before.

Our first time messing around, she suddenly gets all dominant on me and telling me what to do. This was a really big shocker because she typically she can’t even decide if she’s hungry or not. Anyways, she goes down, and does some serious business for a solid 10 minutes. She’s going at it like her one goal on earth is to ruin this streak of BJs I’ve had with no happy ending. It was great, but didn’t get me there. So she rolls onto her back and instructs me mount her chest and fuck her face. Shit got real. Streak over. The end.

— _ButtStuff

2. She wanted to be fucked to death

Met a girl at a bar. She took me home. Started fucking almost immediately. Standard right? Would have been except we were strangers an hour before this and now she was having me choke her, smack her as hard as I could, and fuck her face…pretty violently…while she laid with her head hanging off the bed.

The whole time a CD with Elton John and Tracy Chapman is playing in the background. The disparity between the vibes of Tiny Dancer/Fast Car and me choke fucking and smacking a strange woman is something I’ll never forget. 9/10 would recommend.

— thatnihilistguy

3. Got horny from being tickled

I hate getting tickled, but this girl that I’m with changed that up for me. One day while hanging out, she started caressing my arm and she knows that I can’t handle that because I’m way too ticklish for it. As I tried to yank my arm away, she held my arm firmly so I couldn’t yank it and just kept going. I let her and then soon enough, I wasn’t even laughing.

I was buckling at the the tickling feeling, but instead of laughing, I was getting turned on. She went further up my arm, started tickling my armpits and sides (i hate getting my sides tickled), and next thing I know, I’m hard as a rock.

— OverthinkingMachine

4. Most natural sex I ever had

Was with a girl and she was very afraid to have sex for the first time because she thought it would hurt (her mother scared her probably so she wouldn’t sleep around). I thus took it slow with her, making out, oral etc.

One day we were making out naked and we were really into it. And she was on top of me and somehow we didn’t even notice how it slid into her and suddenly I realized we were actually fucking. She first didn’t get it either, but she was riding me. It was the same motion she would do anyways, except I was somehow inside her.

It was the most natural thing I have ever experienced. No words needed. Somehow it just felt so right in that moment that her fears were erased. Later she was embarrassed how easy it was.

And we got pizza that night :)

— GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B

5. Made a girl cum by spanking her

Hooked up a girl, during it gave her a little spank (as one will do). Got a very strong reaction and that’s the story of the first time I spanked a girl to orgasm.

10/10, would do again.

— TheBlindCat

6. Checked on friend in between fucking

Went out to drink with a neighbor and her best friend. My neighbor ends up getting hammered and I carry her back to her apartment toilet so she can throw up. Once there, her friend and I start making out.

Neighbor ends up passing out on the toilet but since we didn’t want to stop, we continued making out as I carried and tucked my neighbor into bed, and then over her for like 10 minutes until she seemed fine enough to leave. We ended up fucking most of the night, but had a rule that the first one to orgasm during each session had to walk over to the neighbor’s to make sure she was OK.

— CrazM

7. The BJ just happened

Probably going from regular conversation to blowjob in 2 seconds. I was a little caught off guard, never really had it happen like that.

— StrictLime

8. All she wanted was a penis inside her

I met this girl online. Lindsey looked super cute in her pics and seemed like she’d be fun. I picked her up and we went to a restaurant for standard date fare. She was super quiet the entire time, it was pretty lame trying to drag conversation out of her and I kind of just gave up figuring she wasn’t into me.

So we conclude the date and I say I’ll drive her home. At this she seems offended and says she wants to come to my place instead. I was surprised but glad she wanted to spend time with me. So we get to my house, I put on a flick and literally 15 mins into the movie she is buck nekkid riding me on my couch. Turns out she was a total nympho and we went at it for about 4 hours with a couple breather breaks here and there. I remember thinking it was hilarious as there were condoms all over my room just from that encounter. I took her home but she came back the next day and we did the same thing all day and evening on Saturday, just nothing but sex. She just wanted a penis in her at all times. She came over a couple times throughout the next week and honestly I was starting to get worn out from all the sex.

We made plans for her to spend the next weekend at my house and I was looking forward to more tiresome grueling but amazing sex all weekend long. Well Friday I text her and she says she’s all about it, then a couple hours later says that she’s changed her mind and is now getting back with her ex bf. I’m thinking… “does he know what you’ve been up to for the past week” lol. But no biggie, I was disappointed but over it pretty quick, she had some screws loose for sure.

But wait.. .there’s more! So my sister had been dating a guy for a while and they had recently moved in together. I liked the guy a lot and spent a lot of time hanging out at their place. So one day he says his brother is coming over to hang out along with his pregnant girlfriend. When they walked in my eyes popped out of my head, the girlfriend was Lindsey! She recognized me but we both pretended not to know one another. I had to take my sister aside and tell her as she knew all about the nympho story. Turns out Lindsey had gotten preggers right around the time we had our little stint and broke it off with the guy, fucked my brains out for a week then got back with him.

— JrockMem10

9. I almost cock blocked myself

Late night in college as a party is winding down, I’ve been on the porch smoking and talking about art for a couple of hours and completely missing signs from one of the housemates that she wants to show me a painting in her room. She goes inside for a beer, comes back out and sits next to me, then (without much subtlety) hands me her (wet) panties under the patio table.

Now catching on with lightning speed I ask to see the (not particularly memorable) painting and then sex until dawn. We ended up dating for a year and the friends I’m still in touch with continue to make fun of me for almost cockblocking myself if she hadn’t taken the initiative.

— mvsr990

10. I found my fetish

Scratching. It was a girl that I had (and still do) have feelings for, but it just felt really good. It was the one time her and I did anything sexual.

It got me into restraining and now I have a set of handcuffs and leg irons that are like handcuffs.

— onepawnchman

11. “Blind date”

Back in college I got some girls number at a party, completely forgot because me and my friends partied hard that night. On like Tuesday of the next week I get a text from a name I don’t recall but it’s in my phone and it just said “so when are you gonna wine and dine me?”.

I had no idea who this chick was but I told her I’m free Friday night and went on a “blind date” with a girl I had met before. We got pizza and then went out for drinks later.

So I’m wasted, we go back to her dorm room, and one thing leads to another and next thing you know 3 different parts of me had been in her in various parts laces. The “date” part of the date wasn’t very good, but that night was the first time I essentially licked a strangers butthole. Good times.

— Ridid

12. Left the church and got fucked

So I was raised LDS and legitimately tried to go with it, but decided I needed to be happy more than make others happy.

I left the church at 25 a virgin and decided that needed to change to really sever ties and get my new life started. Problem was that the church scared the shit out of me when it came to women that I couldn’t even get it up when the opportunity arose.

I needed someone who was understanding of my situation and turned to my last bastion of hope – Craigslist.

I ended up meeting a flight attendant in her early 40th that was actually attractive. She was in town and had her own hotel for a few days. I brought a bottle of wine and drank 4/5ths of it, I was so damn nervous.

We get down to business and she’s just playing with damp rope for a good five minutes but she was dedicated to the cause.

Ended up fucking her 12 times over two days. Highlights include getting a blowjob in a shower and fucking her in the ass without realizing it.

— Atmosphere_Enhancer Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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