11 People On How They Finally Figured Out That Their S/O Was Just Using Them

God & Man
God & Man

1. She didn’t know me

When I realized that she didn’t know a single thing about me, and it wasn’t because I hadn’t told her, it was because she hadn’t listened to me or cared enough to remember what I said.

— DrWhoisOverRated

2. She wanted good grades, not a BF

She’d only talk to me if I let her copy my homework.

— fnvmaster

3. I’m not a vending machine!

The standard “she stopped talking to me when I didn’t buy things for her”. Apparently being a source of free food was the only thing I was good for.

It wasn’t expensive dinners or anything, just various shit a high school kid could afford.

— DonaldTrumpsWaifu

4. And we’re not splitting the bill!

When she would only go out if we went to a restaurant. Took about 3 dates to realize.

— Sirpedroalejandro

5. Wouldn’t be seen in public with me

We’d be intimate behind closed doors but she never wanted me to spend time with her and her friends, and when we did see them when we were out she’d be sheepish that she was seen with me. “You remember my friend [my name]?”

Oh, and she only ever wanted to be fucked from behind. That one hurt when I figured it out.

After her I vowed that no matter how ugly I am, I wouldn’t again date someone ashamed to be out in public with me.

— fragilestories

6. LOL I didn’t even want to date

I had this with a girl in college, she was smoking hot but I had a girlfriend so I had no interest in her. Since we took classes together we also studied together, did homework together etc.

Anyway, I noticed that when wanting help she kept bumping up this really fake nice personality like she was really trying to flirt with me, of course it ended when the assignment was complete. This just pissed me off and I stopped associating with her, I just assumed we were friends and mutually helping one another, I hated the idea that she thought she was dragging me along.

— Theodoros9

7. There ya go

She was fucking somebody else…

— DonaldTrumpsBalls

8. She forced herself on me

Everything was going okay, with a couple of weird little flags. Like she would be overly aggressive in coming on to me if we were at a party or something like that. Then one night I wasn’t feeling like going out because i wasn’t feeling up to it (depression), and she went to a party by herself. She came back to the my room unannounced and tried to force herself on me, and I mean force.

I really didn’t feel like touching her but I wanted her to know it wasn’t her fault, so I told her “It’s not your fault but I’m really not in the mood. I don’t feel well today.” She replied with “I get that, but I need it.” as she was taking my pants off. I told her to fuck off and I gave all her shit back the next day.

— homie-sexual

9. Talked to her “other man” in front of me

When she got a call from her actual boyfriend while we were driving to dinner. It was disgustingly obvious, she didn’t even try to hide it. I drove immediately back home, told her to get the fuck out of my sight, and ate cookie dough for dinner. Glad I caught that shit real early.

— EminentLine

10. A lot of weird stuff

She told me she was pregnant (wasn’t). Told me she thought her daughter’s father (not me) was molesting said daughter. It did a good job of convincing me to let her move back in together, until she started letting him have the daughter stay overnight at his place again without even showing an inkling of concern.

— WeirdKnave

11. I’m tech help?

After the 200th call that started with ‘Hey, you like, know computers, right?’.

— drinkthebleach Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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