Sweet Girl, He Was A Snapchat When You Deserved A Letter


He was a dream when you deserved a reality.

He was a day when you deserved a lifetime.

He was a snapchat when you deserved a letter.

He was the coy smile, the soft greeting. He was the familiar “too friendly” conversation, the arm around your shoulder, the whisper in your ear. He was the one night stand always promising to be “something more.” He was the: “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

The: “I really like you but…”

The: “You awake? I miss you.”

He was a firework: rarely seen, but always spectacular when he appeared. Brilliant in display and showmanship, but painfully temporary.

He was a shadow cast over your inbox and your life. Friends would poke fun and joke with you, “When are you going to see him again? What are the two of you?” You wanted to know just as much as them, but somehow he was never around long enough to ask.

He was a snapchat. Always on a timer, always ready to vanish. From the moment you felt his arms around you, or lips on yours, you could feel the numbers slipping away.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Gone.

You could feel him slipping away.

He was a firework, but you deserved a painting. You deserve permanency, commitment, devotion and love. You don’t deserve perfection, nobody deserves that, but you do deserve adoration. You deserve “Good morning babe” not “Hey, u up?”

He was a shadow, but you deserved the sun. You deserve someone who will light up your world, not make it overcast. You deserve someone who tends to relieve anxiety, not induce it. You deserve someone who thinks about how to make you happy, not how he’s going to get laid tonight.

He was a snapchat, but you deserved a letter. Something written out, something that is meant just for you. Not some perfectly filtered, captioned picture that he sent to seven other girls besides you. You deserve passion, and a willingness to try.

You deserve more than a Snapchat. You deserve more than him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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