28 Men Reveal The Superficial Traits They Consider Relationship Dealbreakers


Responses sampled from the very picky men over at R/AskMen


I won’t date a woman with kids is my most “controversial” I suppose.

I know that’s not really so out there but a lot of people act like I’m the bad guy for not wanting that baggage/responsibility.

— wickedblight


Male here, I won’t date or consider women who;

Have kids, are fat, was fat once, have bad skin, have tattoo’s (that can be seen in a cocktail dress), smoke, are uneducated, are ghetto, date outside of their race, are messy, have money issues, saggy tits, doesn’t wear make-up, or chew’s with their mouth open.

— NolanKnowstheTruth


I won’t date uppity white girls.

— OMGImTriggered

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