21 Men Reveal Their Biggest Insecurity When It Comes To Having Sex



“Do I really know what I’m doing in missionary? I don’t have amazing hips nor glutes.”

— gobigred3562


“Lasting long enough. I try to pace myself but sometimes stuff doesn’t go as planned.”

— i_heart_blondes


“I have the opposite problem, I last too long. Every girl iv been with has complained(or cried) about this problem of mine. And when I’m like Body today you wont last as long, it makes me last longer because of stress.”

— cokeiscool


“Getting/maintaining an erection which in turn makes me stressed about it and therefore the problem gets bigger.”

— adde731


“I haven’t had sex in quite some time and I don’t think I’ll know wtf I’m doing with a new person.”

— LegateDamar


“Masturbating for her / in front of her.

I know she would like it so much as foreplay / finds it incredibly hot, but unless she joins in I feel embarrassed.”

— middaysun


“Not being perfect and not providing a perfect experience to her.

Dick being too small, not lasting long enough, not being dominant enough, not being smooth enough, not being clean enough, not being handsome enough, not making enough noise, all of that makes me way too insecure to have sex with anyone but my girlfriend who I fully trust. She’d even be okay with an FFM threesome but I can’t do it, too insecure.”

— umlaute


“I don’t perceive myself as a sexual person. i.e. I don’t see myself as the sort of person that people would consider having sex with. So whenever I’m confronted by someone who shows any level of sexual interest in me it freaks me out because it completely shatters my own self perception.

As a result I tend to react very poorly and shy away from any sort of sexual/romantic opportunities.”

— nice_flutin_ralphie


“Peyronie’s disease. My wife broke my penis during sex, and now it’s crooked, I don’t get hard as easily as I used to, and it hurts when I get hard. I can’t afford surgery, and they tell me it might fix itself anytime between 6months-3 years.

Shit sucks.”

— Dont_Shred_On_Me


“The first few times. There’s so much pressure that I barely last more than a minute or two. It’s only the first few times and if I’m really into the girl. Otherwise I have a hard time finishing.”

— keanex


“I’m constantly obsessed with wanting her to orgasm. To the point that even though I think she came, I have to ask her to make sure.”

— Ingenium21


‘Is she doing this just to make me happy and is she actually enjoying it?’

We have extremely different libidos and there are many times where I try to initiate something and she just doesn’t have it. She then “feels bad” which in turn makes me feel like an idiot for getting turned on, attempting to make a move and her not do anything.”

— StovetopLuddite


“The fact that I’m kind of a prude. I’m not into casual sex and this weekend I was at a party that turned out to be a bit of an orgy and I noped the fuck out because I just wasn’t comfortable in that situation. I’m not judgmental about it, I’m a big believer in people doing whatever works for them as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else and they were all friends…I just didn’t know they were also swingers.

I guess I’m just very vanilla when it comes to sex and that bothers me because most of the women I’m attracted to end up being way more uninhibited and therefore way more experienced. I’m just worried I’ll meet a great girl and she’ll pass me up for being boring.”

— Dr-Dinosaur


“Occasionally I feel that my girlfriend’s ex may have been better in bed than me.”

— PacSan300


“I’m pretty insecure about most everything related to it. I have performance anxiety issues, that I’m not good enough don’t last long enough or just bad. I’m not the most dominant person and it’s not something that comes natural to me. I don’t have sex often, and often will stay away from it because of it.”

— Lost_in_costco


“My ability to arouse her enough with sufficient dominance, sexual tension and overall sexiness (meaning the work I’ve put into my appearance in the gym, dressing myself and thought about my general presence), while also keeping it all sufficiently casual and effortless and comfortable enough that she doesn’t feel like I’m trying too hard or that I’ve had to think about this at all, and instead feel like this is just my natural, sexual state, all so that she’s able to let go and be comfortable and sexual around me and while in bed with me so that she can cum.”

— Aminobutyric_acid


“Vocalising. Be it what I want/want to do, or making noise in regards to the pleasure I’m receiving, I struggle.

I have a wonderful partner and I am working on it but damn it’s a hard thing to break.”

— pistolwhip_pete


“My dick. I know it’s not about my dick size but I can’t help but think about what it would be like if she pulled it out and laughed or something.”

— why_pretend


“I usually can’t come from sex, and am worried my girlfriend thinks it’s her fault. I love her like crazy, and think she’s super attractive, but I’ve never once been able to come.

And no, I don’t frequently masturbate, so that’s not it. I masturbate less than once per week.”

— AverageSizedPvPnis


“I got an adult circumcision at 29 so I’m kind of self-conscious about how my dick looks.”

— FaxCelestis


“My left testicle which is a lot larger than the right. Also how saggy the are. So I usually leave my underwear on, helps both conceal my balls as well as keep them from swinging around.”

— ExplosiveMachine Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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