18 Men Reveal How Important Being Able To Cum Inside A Girl Without A Condom Is To Them



Condoms suck, monogamous relationships with birth control are great. I hope I never have to go back.

— POGtastic


Well it’s undoubtedly the best feeling that can happen as a result from sex (every goddamn cell in your body is happy with what just went down), and most of the time we’re denied that feeling, so yeah it’s pretty significant.

— SeeEmmDee


It’s absolutely fantastic. Sex without a condom is so much better than sex with a condom. And finishing inside the woman feels great for both of you.

— molten_dragon


Well, there are a number of things you need to consider.

  1. The male erotic nerves are located on the top of the penis. Being inside a vagina, all of those nerves are in physical contact with something. Outside of the body, there is a lot less contact, and subsequently a lot less physical stimulation. This means a lesser quality orgasm.
  2. Condoms reduce the sensation of physical contact. This means a lower quality orgasm.
  3. How the condom is applied at the top of the penis makes a difference. When a man ejaculates, that has to go somewhere. Condoms on too tight on the top will give distracting sensations during the orgasm. Condoms too lose, will rub during intercourse, which will potentially have a negative impact.

These are just the ones I’m thinking of now. I’m very happy that I’m married, and my wife has her tubes tied. Wearing condoms sucks.

— PleasureOrgan


There’s a pretty big difference in sensation during sex and the psychological whatever of cumming inside a woman is pretty, uh, important.

It’s a strong preference for me. I tend to only have sex with people I know fairly well, enough that diseases aren’t a worry for me. If contraception is otherwise taken care of, condoms are verboten.

— starsgoround


I got a vasectomy years ago and it’s been a solid investment. No worries about pregnancy takes a lot of stress out of it! And bareback sex just rocks.

As for where I finish up, usually it’s best to not have to break rhythm and just cum inside her, yep. However I’ve been asked on occasion to pull out and put it elsewhere, and I haven’t been hating.

— PaleBlueHammer


It’s about a 5/10. Raw sex feels really good, but protected sex feels better than no sex at all.

A condom is also more affordable than child support.

— thefilthyhermit


Getting a woman pregnant is something I have a strong fear of, so not that important.

— mashonem


I don’t know about other people but my favorite part of having an orgasm is giving in to the climax completely, to completely maximize the pleasure that leads up to the climax. Pulling out means that you have to actually stay in a state of mind where you are still fully in control of yourself, where you can’t give in to much to the pleasure and have to actively prevent yourself from feeling all of it. It also means that you have to stop what feels good at the point where it feels best.

As for condoms… well they are fucking great for preventing STDs and pregnancies, but aside from that they fucking suck. To me at least there is a world of difference between sex with a condom and sex without.

— TheLittleGoodWolf


Last relationship, she had an IUD. It had to be some of the most satisfying and intimate sex I’ve had in my life. Condoms dull the feeling and break the spontaneity of sex.

Condoms are the one thing that completely kills any interest in casual sex for me. I just don’t wanna settle for desensitized condom sex, when I could wait a little while and have condomless sex with someone I trust.

— vincentninja68


Very significant, to the point where it’s one of the things that make or break sex for me.

It’s not the constant condom use that does it; in two decades in this relationship we’ve only had to resort to condoms for a month, somewhen about the middle of it. It’s still super important to me (us both) that I finish inside her.

— middaysun


It’s pretty much one of, if not the, greatest things ever.

While dating it sucks because you have to use condoms for the most part, even if she’s on the pill or whatever. Once you’re settled down and it becomes a regular thing (for instance I’ve had the snip and am married for many years) it’s still fucking awesome every time.

There’s something about thrusting all the way into her as deep as you can go and throbbing a hot load all up into her. It’s glorious.

— hereticjones


I have a friend who has a long term girlfriend and he: 1) wears a condom 2) pulls out 3) she’s on the pill.

I have no idea how he lives life like that.

— louisde4


Your instinct is to procreate. Actually finishing the job on the inside fulfill’s your body sense of “destiny” and completing what it’s supposed to do, and man does it feel fuckin’ great.

— Ranman87


It’s the difference between watching a great and exciting film at the cinema, and watching it in an empty cinema. All of a sudden you don’t need to hold yourself back, you can whoop and holler and cheer the good bits as much as you like. It feels natural and raw and unrestrained, in all the good ways.

— Werrf


Condoms are the worst thing besides pregnancy and STDs. In a long-term relationship, I’d like to be able to trust my partner enough to not need them. Of course, that also depends on them being willing/able to take BC or some other solution.

— volkl47


I’m thirty now so it’s basically a given.

— Armored_Fetus


I always use condoms unless I’m in an exclusive relationship and we’ve both been tested.

But otherwise I really like finishing inside without a condom, its the best by far.

— smpl-jax Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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