16 Rules You Should Absolutely Follow If You Want A Kickass First Date

Michael Ramey
Michael Ramey

Advice is from the romancers over at R/AskReddit

1. “Make it a short date. For example go to a cafe. If it’s not going well, it will end naturally after the coffee & croissant. If it’s going well, go for a stroll and find something to eat and turn it into a proper date. Saves awkwardness and money if you date a lot.”

— Scutterbum

2. “Don’t get your hopes up, don’t spend so much effort trying to impress the other party that you forget you should have standards too.”

— Wifi-Sharing

3. “Clean your apartment, fresh sheets on the bed. If you end up bringing your date home, you want them to be comfortable, perhaps even impressed at how well you have your shit together.”

— epiphone_fan1

4. “Trim nails and plus use a nail file to smooth out the edges.”

— plax1780 & tarwork

5. “Brush teeth. Floss. Stand in front of mirror and groom. Pluck those two inch stay hairs on your ears.”


6. “Make sure the other person agreed to go on a date with you.”

— mrjantsa

7. “Get good rest!! Eat well that day and stay hydrated. Having low energy for a date is faux pas at best, and a turn off at worst. Bring mints, a condom, and 50% more money than you’d expect to spend. Don’t spend it, just have it.”

— FrankiesOnVacation

8. Wear nice looking underwear, just in case.

— ipretendtowork

9. “Go for a quick run or get in a weight lifting session earlier in the day. It always boosts my confidence and at the end of the day even if the date goes poorly at least I did something to better my overall health.”

— Surfing_Ninjas

10. “Know the mood/context of the date. Of course I should always be clean and groomed, but it’s crucial to understand the vibe!”

— druice

11. “Get a haircut. Trim your pubes. Brush your teeth twice. Clean your car. Pull out twice as much cash as you will need.”

— MacDaddy-1000

12. “After the hygienic tasks are done, control yourselves from bathing in cologne or male perfume.”

— podboi

13. “Smile. Stay confident!”

— eumeterate

14. “Wipe your ass even if you didn’t just use the restroom.”

— Octob2016

15. “Two shots before you walk out the door.”

— ottsteve

16. “Poop, you have to poop before a date.”

— ghostoshark

Hopefully these tips will help you have the best first date ever! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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