16 Women Explain Why They Post Nudes On The Internet And Social Media

Thought Catlaog Tumblr
Thought Catlaog Tumblr


It was an attempt to feel desirable. A rather unsuccessful attempt that hasn’t been repeated for years.

— grandteton


Exhibitionist kink <3

Plus nice comments are a huge boost to self esteem

— LilTreeSpirit


It’s thrilling to know that I can be desired and lusted after while maintaining a professional image day to day

— katuyara


I don’t post full-on nudes, but eh whatever.

The messages that show up in my inbox range from hilarious to kind of hot. I win either way, except when I forget that yeah, dudes like to send you dick pics (and/or jerkoff videos) with no warning, and sometimes I click on a link without thinking. Oops. Either way, it’s entertaining.

And I don’t have an SO, so.. I don’t really have anyone to show off for – and certainly not in a controlled environment; I love going dancing at clubs and EDM shows, but I inevitably get some guy grinding on me, trying to feel me up, etc. and that really just is not my jam.

— hyperbliss


For praise and approval. The attention gives the feeling of being desired and attractive. Increasing self confidence.

— DoNotThrowThisAwayy


I’m bipolar and I did it once when I was manic (on a throwaway, so don’t look for it in my history, it’s not there), sometimes I get exhibitionist when I’m manic and hypersexual.

— ahydell


Why not? I have self esteem issues thanks to an SO that is less than complimentary and I thrive on that shit. Anonymous Internet horny peeps give me that boost and no harm done :)

— fuckyouifyourenotme


I want to feel in control of the sexual attention I receive.

— pamplemus


Having my ass complimented is always nice

— glittercy


I take nudes because it’s fun, and the exhibitionist in me loves knowing that so many people can see them.

— special-sparkly-star


I prefer posting naughty videos. They make me feel sooo sexy. I hope people don’t think my tits are too big…

— schoocher


For the ego boost. Sometimes it’s nice to feel wanted by strangers.

— pigeon22


I like the attention and complements. Great confidence booster and it’s fun

— cheekyasian


Mostly because why not. I don’t care about people seeing me so why not. They enjoy it, I enjoy it, and i use an anonymous account so my friends don’t find it.

— Kambrose1459


I post nudes somewhere else not here XD but the pretty much just wanting attention/ approval mixed with boredom. Also sometimes get horny.

— Sniper2DaFace_


I originally did it to get back at my ex, I know he follows me so it was revenge for him to see so many dudes would want me (it worked got some angry texts from him about it lol)

— PickledBananas Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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