14 Men Take Their Best Guess On What A Woman’s Period Feels Like



“I’d imagine like having a gastrointestinal bug, only instead if shitting you bleed from your genitals. Sounds unpleasant.”

— Fimbultyr


“Getting punched in the stomach and told your dog died on a week long Monday when you ate 3 bean burritos on Sunday.”

— 91Bolt


“For cramps, I imagine it’s slightly worse than when guys get hit in the balls and the pain creeps up into the abdomen.

For sensation, I once had a condition that required topical application of a steroid foam to my exit ramp. This caused it to always feel damp and uncomfortable when I sat. I was miserable.”

— roastduckie


“Eating Chipotle five days in a row — except not out your butt.”

— high_side


“You know those shits that wake you up in the middle of the night? The ones where your entire abdominal area just aches. Even the release of said shits doesn’t help the pressure, at least not until a hour or so afterwards.

That’s how I imagine it feels, and it lasts days, not hours.”

— Do_it_in_a_Datsun


“Maybe if I shit blood from my ass for a week combined with a constant pressure of someone squeezing my balls uncomfortably.”

— j1akey


“1) The internal ovary pain probably feels like what my balls feel like I haven’t shot off a load in a while: a deep internal pain that feels like something is slowly crushing my balls

2) The bleeding part… Not sure? Maybe it would feel like thick mucus dripping out of my dick? I dunno honestly. Can’t relate to that part since I have never experienced something like that.”

— UncleSneakyFingers


“Intestinal cramps and a stomach flu and being dizzy from anemia.”

— Coidzor


“Probably like that time I had ecoli. I was bloated, my stomach felt like it was being wrenched 24/7, I was sweaty a lot. Just generally makes you feel like ass I’d imagine. Probably instead of shitting water every 10 minutes I’d just be bleeding out my gentiles. Can’t even imagine what that’s like, constantly wet from blood. Like I’m sure you’d feel it constant. I couldn’t do it. I’m too much of a little bitch.”

— 2_Ducks_in_a_Handbag


“I imagine it feels like a mild-to-heavy hangover that lasts a week and causes blood to shoot out of your dickhole.”

— Dr-Dinosaur


“I hear it sounds like getting kicked in the balls for a few days out of a month.”

— metal_fan


“Probably like being really constipated, plus being kicked in the testicles.”

— Shamwow22


“I would say for me when a clot comes out, I could best describe it as feeling like gushy diarrhea…except in the vagina. Or like a shart, but in the vagina

And the cramps are so painful I vomit and have diarrhea before blacking out.”

— jigglywigglybooty


“Having hot, bubbly diarrhea at all times while your innerworkings cramp up.”

— imatworksorry Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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