14 Men Reveal Their #1 Sex Tip For All Women Who Want To Be The BEST In Bed



If your mission is to finish me with a bj than don’t stop 5 times during to ask if I’m almost there. It adds 5 minutes each time.

— AgentCookie


talk to me, tell me what you want, don’t make me guess. if you want your asshole licked TELL ME!! i’ll do it.

— Drunk_Grandpa


Don’t fake orgasm. I enjoy your pleasure as much as you do mine, but it kind of ruins it if I have to wonder if what I’m experiencing is authentic. And I don’t like being lied to when I’m naked.

— awayaway3141


Put your hands on me.

Does it feel good when I touch your chest, hips, thighs? When I kiss your neck, lick your nipples? IT FEELS GOOD WHEN YOU DO THAT TO ME, TOO!



While I love doing things to your body, I like that shit too. Fuck back!

— RevRaven


Guide us in. Our dicks feel sensations differently than our fingers do and we may not know we’re pushing against something that’s not an opening. We like being guided in.

— TooBadFucker


Drop the inhibitions. It’s a turn off. And I don’t mean you have to be willing to hang from meat hooks while I throw jello at your butthole, I just mean a girl who is comfortable with sex and her own body is leagues sexier than a chick who’s inhibited or self-conscious.

Some of the best sex I ever had was with a big fat chick in college because she just didn’t give a fuck. Loved fucking and didn’t constantly make little self-depricating comments about her body.

— Landlubber77


If you want me to do anything to you …literally anything …all you have to do is suck on my penis.

— penisstuckinazipper


Don’t tell me you like stuff if you don’t. I’m listening, and I’m going to increase the frequency of things you say you like, and some day down the line you’re going to have to tell me that you actually hate doing all the things I like, I’d rather just find out right away and make an informed decision about being compatible.

— Cptejcltr


Don’t try too hard and do things you don’t want to do just to satisfy the man.

If you are going to have my meat stick down your throat but you hate it, don’t do it. It might feel great for me, but I’m more concerned with your breathing struggles than being pleasured.

— Kohev


Confidence. If she isn’t confidence with herself you’re going to have a bad time. My wife has issues with her body and it as taken a huge toll on our sex life.

— what_it_is322


Cup the balls.

— biolar


Be enthusiastic. Don’t just lie there. Have sex because you want it too and show that you’re enjoying it.

— askholeZeke


No. Teeth.

— MagicPen15 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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