If Your Boyfriend Does These 9 Things To Your Friends, He Needs To Be Called Out

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

1. Doesn’t care to get to know your friends. There’s a problem if your man has absolutely no interest in meeting your friends or getting to know them. If you’ve been seeing each other for over two months and he can’t remember your best friend’s name, that’s a problem.

2. Ignores them when you’re all hanging out. If you bring him to a group of all your friends, you should expect him to socialize and try to talk with them. It’s one thing for him to maybe be a little shy, but it’s another for him to be standoffish and lazy. He should at least be trying to talk to them and get to know them.

3. Complains about them to you non-stop. If your man complains the instant you are out of earshot of your friends — you have a problem. While it is perfect okay to have a blunt complaint every once in a while, it should NOT be a constant stream of, “Wow your friends suck!”

4. Bad talks them behind your back. Even worse than coming to you, however, is when he complains to other people about your friends. It is totally disrespectful to them, AND to you.

5. Complains when you want to hang out with your friends. If he gets mad when he sends a, “u up?” text because you are chillin’ with your friends, he needs to cool it. While you should be hanging out with your boyfriend, having other friends is VERY important too and he should never get mad at you about it.

6. Complains about you texting your friends when you’re with him. Of course, you shouldn’t constantly be texting other people when hanging out with someone. But if he is constantly bothering you about EVER communicating with other people, he has gone a step too far.

7. Insists that he always comes before even your best friends. If he gets pissed at you for bailing on a date because your best friend needs support, he is a dick. If he is angry because you ask to reschedule dinner so you can go to a friend’s concert, he is a dick. Your boyfriend should be important, but if he ALWAYS thinks he is the MOST important, that is a problem.

8. Gets suspicious when you hang out with a guy friend. If the first thing you do when you say you’re hanging out with [guy’s name] is get REALLY pissed, then that’s HIS problem. Relationships are built on trust, and dating a man should NEVER mean you ditch all your male friends.

9. Tries to isolate you from them and make himself your only person. If he is constantly encouraging you to ditch your friends to spend time with him, that’s a problem. He should be happy when you spend time with him AND when you are happily spending time with your friends. If he isn’t, then you need to call him out on it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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