14 Real Guys Reveal The Most Petty Reason A Girl Ever Rejected Them



“Everyone knows Asian men have small dicks.”

“Well actually, studies have shown that-”

“Omg you’re so insecure about it!”

— SAIUN666


You’re perfect! You’re funny, you’re smart and witty, I like the way you laugh. But, you’re too young for me.

She was roughly a year older.

— oBegas


She had heard a rumor that I slept with someone she didn’t like, even though she knew that I hadn’t she couldn’t get past the rumor.

— le_fez


“You look like you only have an average-sized dick,” she said.

So I said (because I figured it was a lost cause anyway), “It’ll feel huge if I put it up your ass.”

— asuraemulator


I offered to pay for her dinner and she called me “sexist”. I tried to explain, but we never got to go out again.

— vedderer


We chatted on tinder. Everything going fine. She worked in fashion, and I needed a new wallet, so I asked her for a recommendation. She asked what price range I was looking at. I’ve always bought $20-$40 wallets, but now that I’ve “made it” more or less, I figured that I could splurge. I was looking at some wallets that cost like $50-$100 on amazon. I might even pay a bit more than that. So I told her that I didn’t really have a limit, as long as it had RFID blocking and held a lot of cards, cash, and coins.

She came back with these recommendations of like $800-$1200 wallets. I was like holy crap, those don’t even have RFID blocking. But more importantly, who the hell spends that much on a men’s wallet? She kinda stopped talking to me after that.

— turbotong


Because I enjoy watching sports. Immediately upon finding this out she put me in the “idiot meathead douchebag” category and lost interest. Honestly, it was for the best. If she’s that judgmental, I don’t want to be with her anyway.

— tenders11


“Sorry… I don’t date guys under 6′ tall.” Said by a woman who was 5’2.”

— thehumanscott


The most petty thing I can think of was that I wasn’t a high enough rank, when I was military. “I only sleep with officers, sorry!”

— vey323


She didn’t want to date me because I was the same ethnicity as her.



I couldn’t grow facial hair. She even said she is attracted to me without it but because I can’t she doesn’t want to be anything long term.

— Toolongdidntreproduc


I’ve been turned down before because I “look like trouble”, meaning I look like the type of guy to have multiple women at the same time. Its a gift and a curse I suppose.

— LeftHandBandito_


“I’m not ready to feel these emotions right now, it’s too new for me, never felt this way before”


Smashed tho

— Schrodingersdawg


She hated my shoes. I mean, obviously she wasn’t into me but this was the reason she gave me lol

— GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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