14 Men Reveal The Kinda Embarrassing Shit That TOTALLY Gets Them Off (#14 Is VERY Strange)

iStockPhoto.com / Epicurean
iStockPhoto.com / Epicurean


I like well written sex stories more than regular porn vids.

— Reijm


An ex girlfriend of mine rimmed me once and it was the single most intense sexual experience of my life. I mostly jerk it to perv city now, because how the hell do you ask someone to do that for you.

— AhegaoOverlord


“I love tits so much, I wish I had a pair of my own. Gender swapping in general gets me going. Just because it’s unknown to me and kind of taboo. Any time I’m watching TV and they do the brother/sister body swap trope, I do the awkward leg-cross to hide potential half-chub.

I was at dinner a while ago and the conversation turned to polyjuice potion. My friend was talking about how weird it would feel to turn into his girlfriend. I was like, “Yeah… weird…. ANYBODY WANT A DRINK IM BUYING NEXT ROUND.”

— whenyesterdaywemet


This is really weird but if you have nice hands and you know how to handle a knife properly, that really turns me on. Knife like slicing vegetables, not the morbid non-food stuff. Haha!

— ysab20


Hypnosis/mind control. I used to be cooler with telling people, but then Jessica Jones came out and people started linking it to rape more… so yeah, can’t say that anymore.

— JakeHaydes



cause i feel like its not for me. i dont want to be a submissive, i dont want to be dominated. but idea that i woman would find doing that shit arousing really makes my dick hard.

— Speedson


Creampie/impregnation. I know it’s a biological imperative hard-coded into people, but the dichotomy of how much it turns me on vs. how much actually getting someone pregnant would ruin my life is sort of a struggle.

— NobilisUltima


I oddly really really like thighs. Seeing a girl in ripped jeans and her thigh showing is like the biggest tease. If you’re my girlfriend, I will always be touching your thighs through the holes 24/7. I also grab thighs all the time

— aaddeerraall


I’m really into roleplaying rape fantasies/BDSM and I’m always terrified to bring it up because people don’t always understand that a fantasy acted out with a consensual partner =/= wanting to actually get raped.

Even I didn’t know that it was a thing at first. I basically had those fantasies since I hit puberty and I thought at first I was some odd type of fucked up. Cue mother explaining to 10-year-old me what BDSM/roleplay/etc. is.

But yeah, I’m kind of ashamed of that kink, tbh.

— PandeanPanic


Full immobilization and sensory deprivation. They’re my greatest fears, and, under a loving partner, my greatest sexual pleasures.

— kaitoyuuki


Facesitting. You could spend all day on it getting eaten. That would be just grand.

— RollingWithTheTimes


I kind of feel weird about my lactation fetish. I want a huge breasted woman to hold me against her bosom and let me suckle like a baby. But I’m an adult. Is something wrong with me? Did I miss some developmental milestone or something?

— colemacgrath


I’m a completely normal dude on the surface. I love crossdressing, pantyhose/stockings and bondage (submissive). And not simple vanilla bondage, I like to be tied so tight that I can’t move and then dominated and forced to cum multiple times. I have a locked room in my house with lots of bondage gear.

— Hi-Im-Frack—–SHIT


Blueberryfication.. so like when that girl from willy wonka swells into a giant blueberry. Yeah I love the idea of a girl swelling up huge filled with juice and turns blue. Especially if the swelling begins in the ass or boobs, like a lot of the sexual literature on it does, or the videos by fetish sites who do it.

Luckily for me my gf kinda likes it and will indulge me on occasion with it and it’s awesome. She will say things during sex like “oh I can feel myself filling up, I’m so full etc” Very odd sexual fetish but hey, it is what it is.

— Montchalpere Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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