13 Real Men Reveal What They Think Makes Someone A Good Woman For Dating

Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva


She’s a source of energy and strength, not something that depletes her man.

— SerPuissance


A good woman is someone that adds something to your life and graciously accepts when you add something to theirs.

— LEIFey


It starts with them considering themselves and therefore wanting to be a good woman/ a good person. People who define themselves as “bad girls” / “bad boys” are too immature for me.

Also, people seeing themselves as good and wanting to be good usually results in them discovering their own capacity for kindliness and gentleness, and a modicum of emotional balance. That is the minimum requirement of being a good woman for me. All else builds upon that first great cause.

— middaysun


Kind to others

Healthy ego

Intellectually curious

Comfortable with who she is

Humble, yet confident

Seeks constant improvement of self no matter the scale

— Timanous


  • Kind smile to the server at a restaurant. Somebody that is nice to wait staff, says thank you at the guy making her burrito at chipotle.
  • Is emotionally there when you need it, men face a lot of insecurities and uncertainties. We’re not all stoic all the time. So somebody that is emotionally there and strong when we’re not.
  • capable of non-judgemental communication. Able to talk out issues without going overboard with accusations. Able to just communicate issues.
  • has a good network of friends, you can tell a lot of a person by who they’re with. So a good network of stable friends, people she still goes out with. So her life isn’t totally dependent on you.
  • has her own career goals. Somebody who has her own life, and professional desires and goals. Works hard to progress with her own goals, somebody that didn’t base her whole life around her future partner but instead lived her own life and found somebody to live their own lives together.

— Lost_in_costco


Off the top of my head: a good woman is honest and communicates openly and directly.

— John_Farrier


Comfortable in her own skin.

Does not jump to conclusions and weighs decisions using logic, not personal opinions.

Is not afraid of expressing her needs vocally or physically but still equally understands and is considerate to her partners needs.

She is her own person, independent. When with a partner they become a team and are not in competition against one another.

Is not afraid to show her affection towards her partner in fear of giving away power. This should be mutual anyway.

— UnexpectedFun89


Intensely loyal, honest, does not do shady things, high morals

— RaptorFalcon


She is kind hearted, passionate, genuine and wants to grow as a person.

— spartan_317


My grandmother summed it up nicely when talking to my cousin who was complaining about how men dont stick around.

“What virtues will you have when the pretty looks fade?”

A good woman is one that I feel I can trust. The same goes for men. It isn’t gender specific.

— holyerthanthou


One that is always looking for ways to help me or build me up instead of using me for her own ends.

It’s pretty awesome when you’ve had a long day at the office, and your girl acknowledges it by having dinner ready, picking up tickets for the show because you don’t have time, starting a load of laundry, getting batteries for the remote, just simple stuff.

That may sound sexist or whatever, but it’s amazing, and doesn’t mean you can’t fix/buy/do things for her just because you want to.

— Cygnus_X



It takes a lot to be always honest in the good way and the bad way, I like when a girl tells me everything on my face and on time because they tend to build up all that frustration and then in a fight they let it out and say things that can hurt.

— Radinax


Somebody who is extremely loyal and genuinely cares about me and shows it. Somebody who supports me just as much as I support her and is there for me when I’m not feeling my best. Somebody who’s by my side when I’m killing it and successful, but also by my side when I’m not doing well and feeling like shit.

— SpacebornKiller Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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