11 Experienced Women Explain How Sex Actually Gets BETTER As You Get Older

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That I can scream all I want because my kids are gone and living on their own

— Dennis2_


I’m 45 and I get hornier by the month. I am more turned on by a man’s kindness, humor, and intelligence. My brain has returned to my skull from my vagina.

The highest rate (most increasing rate?) of HPV is in the 65+. Yeah, men have Viagra now, but it also shows older women are super horny.

— NCinFinland


Well, there is generally no pregnancy without medical intervention, so you can just relax and not worry, which is really nice. Also your libido goes ballistic, which is also great. And you stop worrying about whether your ass looks fat at certain angles. Adults are just a whole lot less judgemental and more into simply really enjoying each other.

— NZT-48Rules


I’m 55. My SO is 58. Our kids are grown. We don’t have unexpected visitors (i.e. The kids) interrupting us. We don’t have pregnancy scares. We can be as noisy as we want. We’re more relaxed. We don’t dwell  a new wrinkle. We’re not self conscious about our bodies. We can enjoy each other!

— Heemsah


My body changed a bit for whatever reason and it actually feels better. While I still have yet to orgasm from penetration after almost 25 years of getting it on, there are times I come close. Of course with age I am less limber and have more aches and pains. Reverse cowgirl doesn’t go on for as long these days, lol.

— quickwitqueen


I feel like for me it has a lot to do with the level of comfort my husband and I have after all these years. We got to know each other over the course of the last 16 years, and we know what we like.

There’s none of the mental stuff that happened when I was young and single- like I know he’s not going to put his pants on and leave after we’re done and only call me when he’s horny. He’s not going to get freaked out because I’m “too wild” or “not kinky enough”. He’s not just in it for himself, and neither am I.

He’s going to mow the yard or make dinner- he’s going to stay here. So am I. We are going to contribute to both of our future happiness and the home we’ve built. We are going to be there for each other to lean on when shit is bad.

As for the actual sex- what’s good is we are not inhibited by any of that other stuff, and we will try anything that makes the other one feel good.

I suppose if I were single, I’d answer similarly in that I’m comfortable with who I am and what I want sexually, and I’m no longer shy about it. I used to be worried about what I looked like or that things I wanted to do would be perceived negatively by a partner, and was pretty inhibited with some partners. That faded in my late 20s, and by the time I was 30, I didn’t care any more. If seeing me do something I enjoyed was going to make a man judge me or not call me again- well, he wasn’t the man for me, so thank you and next please. Then I met this guy who liked everything I was doing and I felt that way about him too- and it stuck.

— puss_parkerswidow


When I was 24 there was a period of time where I had relations with a 48 year old woman. She was more active and more willing to do things than any 20-30 year old i’d been with. It continued for 2 or 3 months regularly was one of my best experiences. I’d say they do very well.

— MidnightGasControll


It’s way better. I know my body, I know what I like, I have no interest in pandering – mutual means mutual.

— mackduck


Not yet in my 40s, but I can tell you sex is definitely better in my 30s than it was when I was in my late teens or 20s. Way less self-conscious about how I look, not afraid to ask for what I like, much more dominant which guys generally seem to really enjoy.

— jochi1543


You both feel more comfortable in your own skins in bed, warts and all. Communication is easier and richer. You know each other’s bodies so much better. That’s what’s better…

What’s worse is that your respective libidos gradually start to slow down, usually at different rates. That’s what motivates many of the complaints about dead bedrooms.

The trick is to talk about it. Make some compromises: One agrees to sex a little more often than they would prefer, and the other a little less often than they prefer.

If you care for your partner, you must never leave them wanting because idle bedrooms are the devil’s workshop.

— Some-Like-It-Hot


I am 49, never married & plus-sized. My 40s was the best sex ever. There is an endless supply of hot, six-packed guys, 25-30yo, dying to be with older, fleshy women. Men i thought would never be attracted to me, athletic, model looks, want sex and even a relationship. I think the age pairing is perfect as we’re both at our sexual peak it seems.

— MadamBumpy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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