22 Men Reveal The Gift They Would Love To Receive From Their Girlfriend


What should you get your man for his next birthday or surprise gift? These 22 men from Reddit have some great ideas for you!



— Highonsloopy


“After years of searching, I have finally found the two things I am consistently happy to receive for Christmas and my birthday, which are within a few weeks of each other: an expensive bottle of whiskey and a homemade cherry pie.”

— TheClawsThatCatch


“Dungeons and Dragons shit. I can never have enough dice for some reason. It’s probably because I am a hoarder.”

— Geevtastefulnudesplz


“A hug.”

— timangij


“Threeway with her best friend.”



“A bouquet of fragrant beef jerky.”

— Ted_Denslow


“Trip to the adult store together.”

— gn3xu5


“An afternoon to myself. To do whatever the hell I want. I have so little free time these days.”

— Reizo123


“Cinnamon Rolls.”

— Quenton86


“A firm handshake.”

— PonchoTheBear


“I’m broke most of the time, so I could really use some money.”

— SonicFlatulence


“Bottle of scotch.”

— la_fleurr


“A hotel with just my wife and no clothes. We do it every year on my birthday. Very relaxing. Not some fuckfest3000 but sex does happen. It’s more about relaxing.”

— SmilingAnus


“I have officially reached the age where a good pair of socks is a nice gift. Anything Saucony or more then 90% wool please. I never have enough outdoors socks and they are so much more expensive then just the crappie day to day socks that I can’t make myself justify them.”

— isThatWise


“Tickets to something or somewhere.. I’d much rather have an experience that I’ll enjoy and have fond memories of than some object I could buy myself.”

— CozImDirty


“Steak, alcohol, sexual favors. Pick 2 or all 3.”

— TrooperDave


“Cookies (with peanut butter) and a shirt that I don’t own but would normally wear.”

— bobbl3bubbl3


“Clothing of any sort. My wardrobe looks the same as it did when I was like 14.”

— Thatoneguy_26


“Either a tailored suit or a portable car battery jumper.”

— superkickpalooza


“A video game.”

— Gundam336


“A trip to the animal shelter where we spend time visiting the sad animals and bring them treats.”

— llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII


“Workout clothes.”

— cyclopsrex TC mark

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