18 Women Reveal How They Initiate Hot Sex In A Way Their Man LOVES



Touching and kissing. Usually we’re in bed, and he’s the little spoon, so I just let my hand wander south of the equator while kissing his neck. He’ll either tell me he’s tired, or he’ll turn over. Initiation procedure complete.

— iownakeytar


I’m pretty straight-forward; some people might think uncomfortably so.

Like, last night, I said, “I want to suck your dick.” and he said, “OK” and then I said, “OK, take off your pants and get in bed.” We ended up having a long and sexy sensation session of me giving him a varied handjob. After awhile, I said, “Do you want to cum?” and he was like, “I don’t know if I can” and I said, “Do you want me to fuck you?” and he was like, “YES!” so I climbed on top and fucked him. It was awesome.

— searedscallops


We fall asleep cuddling, so typically I’ll start with just playing with him/massaging him. From there I’ll go down on him.

— whiskeyandjane


Either verbally (“I want you” works well), or by jumping on them, pushing them back towards the bedroom (or wherever) and kissing them hard with my hands all over the place.

— Lyanina


  • Pull my pants down and stick my butt against his body regardless of his position or what he’s currently doing
  • Spontaneous blowjob
  • Tell him to brush his teeth so we can go to bed
  • Straddle any available limb and ride it
  • Hold his hips and hump his butt when standing behind him
  • Put the dick in my hand when cuddling in bed
  • Lift his shirt and lick his nipples
  • Take his hand and stick it down my pants

— iwatchweeds


Whisper in his ear or I just show my bare butt.

— armsjet


Sit on his lap facing him and start grinding on him, making out with him, massaging him.

Grinding on him in general.

Start masturbating in front of him.

Take my pants off with my back to him and leaning over so can get a great view of my ass.

Put his finger in my pussy so he can feel how wet I am for him.

Tell him how much I need to feel him inside me.

Tell him I want him to fuck my pussy.

Tell him how I want to milk his cock with my pussy.

Tell him how badly I’ve been craving his cock.

Tell him I want to taste him.

Tell him I’ve been thinking about sucking his cock all day.


— ABadGirl


Tell him I want him.

Start kissing him and his neck and nibbling his ears.

Just get completely naked.

“Hey we should have sex” or “I’m gonna sex you good!”

Touch him when he has a hard on in the morning.

We are pretty sexually active so it’s pretty easy to get his engines revving in about .5 seconds. Only time he’s not in the mood is when he’s exhausted (understandable) or not feeling well (understandable).

In his last relationship which was 12 years, by the end they rarely had sex (maybe twice a month) and she told him she was no longer attracted to him. He’s DAMN SEXY to me and I make sure he knows it. I make sure he feels wanted and desired. I actively say it out loud so he hears it and sees it in my actions. I try very hard not to take him for granted.

— FuckRelationshipsMod


Kiss him real hard, take a boob out, just get naked, or literally just say “wanna have sex?”

My sex drive was ruined by birth control so it’s usually an enthusiastic yes when I initiate sex nowadays.

— Lindthom


Usually by getting extra touchy, scooching closer to him on the bed, or just straight up climbing on top of him and going for it.

— HarleySpencer


Enthusiastic kissing and touching, combined with just straight asking if he wants to.

— shoup88


Aside from relationships, if I’m just hooking up with a dude – honestly it’s usually a solid 20 minutes of laying in bed closely but not cuddling, attempting to make some sort of playful conversation, and then when it gets quiet – act like I’m clearing my throat so he knows I’m still awake and passively giving him a green light. Finally, I’ll get bored/tired and lean in for the kiss.

— Bill_Purray


I don’t have to try very hard. My boyfriend gets a boner if I kiss him or his stomach, if I touch his leg/stomach, if I lick my lips or suck my/his finger, if I bend over or arch my back, or even sometimes when I eat certain foods. It’s kinda flattering, kind of annoying. :)

If I’m trying to make it kinda special I’ll just randomly start sucking him dick or make out with him passionately, those are his favourites.

— hesback_inpogform


Kissing and groping and text message foreplay

— mamabear41


Normally by pawing at my partner and saying “hey, wanna fuck me”. Or just pushing them down and going for the good bits. My husband boyfriend are very open to me just demanding sex.

— Codydarkstalker


Make out. but since a lot of the time we are together and making out anyways, it isn’t always meant to lead up to sex every time. so if he doesn’t pick up on it soon i ask him to fill my hole.

— heyxchristina


Depends. These days we tend to be tired and in bed so I’ll just start playing with his dick while we watch TV and then the episode will end or he’ll put his phone down and we’ll get it on. When we’ve got more time we let it be more romantic or sensual but we’re quite silly about it most of the time.

— eauderecentinjury


Put on something sexy and tease, tease, tease. If it’s the middle of the day, I do my housework in some new lingerie, bending slowly, looking back, biting lip, and touching myself. That definitely brings him over and from there I’ll look into his eyes and tell him how badly I wanna feel his cock inside me. Guide his hand down to my panties and let him feel how wet I am.

If we’re apart, I send dirty audio clips and pictures throughout the day, sometimes masturbating, letting him know I’m thinking of his throbbing cock.

— mercuryteaparty Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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