13 Married Men Reveal Their Secret Filthy Sexual Fantasies That Their Wives Don’t Know About

Flickr / mister addd
Flickr / mister addd

Data collected from real men over on Reddit!


I would like a sex robot that looks EXACTLY like my wife. She’d sometimes get so jealous of the robot that she would hide it and pretend she’s it.

— comm_matthew_perry


Her loaning me out as a teaser tom to her single friends.

— iggybdawg


Trying something different from the same two positions we always do. I’m booring

— mrjomanbing


Kinbaku, choking/breath play, having her take more control, and being really slutty about it.

Having her wear a skirt and a t-shirt on a night with a full moon, giving her a flashlight and a ten minute head start and chasing her through the forest. Then when I catch her, she resists the whole time, while I tie her up cut her clothes off and fuck her like a wild man.

— evilmail


Pretty much all of them. Unfortunately, I’m getting kinkier the older I get, and my wife is getting a lot less kinky, though she was never that kinky to begin with. So right now my wife doesn’t know about any of my sexual fantasies.

Which are mainly BDSM-related. She only climaxes once and then she’s done, so I have these visions of tying her up and forcing orgasms and reducing her to a wobbly mess. I want to hold her in my arms and fuck her with a dildo. I want to have sex with her in front of some friends, maybe while they have sex as well.

She has responded to rimming and having a finger up her butt, and I’m nearly certain she’d like anal; she has a serious mental block over that one though. My fantasies that include her are mainly around her actually being passionate and enjoying it, really, which is pretty vanilla. She shares nothing with me sexually about her turn-ons. She has the sexual maturity of a prepubescent girl. Or a nun.

Aside from that, the usual daydreams of having torrid affairs with the Moms at preschool (it’s the yoga pants) and finding crazy fuckbuddies at work conferences.

— theodicyplanet


FFM. I’ve never said anything but I suspect she could guess. A single friend of hers suggested it to her once but she said no way. If she wanted to be lightly restrained might be fun also. That’s not likely either.

— Panasas


Choking her, or someone else. But breath play would be a huge turn on.

— cdeluc307


We don’t have a dead bedroom per se, but my wife doesn’t really enjoy sex. She’s always had a hard time with it, probably from living with an anxiety disorder her whole life. I know that I’m also not that attractive to her, which is probably more of a factor than she’d ever admit… still, we do have sex, and I know that it comes from a place of love, but it kind of sucks not feeling desired or wanted. Even when we do have sex, it’s difficult because she’s very petite and I’m well endowed (please don’t accuse me of bragging or dismiss how shitty it is, I literally can’t make love to my wife without causing her some pain, that isn’t fucking fantastic no matter how you slice it).

That being said, a fantasy I’ve had for a while now is her offering to allow me a sex-only girlfriend. She gets the parts of me that she wants and loves; my companionship, my love and affection, sex for closeness, all of it, but we find a size-queen who just wants pure, raw, meaningless fucking, with a libido to match my own. Someone totally cool with being thought of as a toy, equal to my wife’s vibrator. They’d never have to meet, and I wouldn’t stick around to cuddle or date the girlfriend, it’d be an almost professional relationship where everyone involved benefits.

And yes, before anyone asks, it really wouldn’t bother me much if the roles were reversed and my wife wanted a boyfriend on the side with the same setup. I’m not jealous, nor am I insecure. It’d only be fair.

— Lamprophonia


I want to watch her get fucked by 3 black men; cream pies, bukkake, gagging her with their BBC.

But fantasy and reality are very different things. While it’s exciting to fantasize about I would never be able to accept it in reality.

— Sete_Sois


Fucking her friends. All of them.

— DrDiarrhea


I want to hypnotize her, parade her in front of my friends naked and make her be our sexual slave all night. She would start small, serving drinks and standing idle when we weren’t using her. Then I would encourage them to pose her, letting them start small, but then as they get braver they could squeeze her tits and slap her on the ass. She doesn’t react at all. She’s not there for her pleasure, she’s there to satisfy us.

Things would escalate until she sucked their dicks (more like offers her mouth to them so they can face fuck her), but she would save her sopping wet pussy for me in the main event, and I would fuck her unresponsive body until I snap her out of it right as I bust inside her while she cums with all of my friends watching.

— jizzmancer


I want to be woken up to sex already happening (I’ve mentioned it before, but hasn’t happened yet.) I also would like to play with vacuum latex or bags or whatever. It just seems super fucking hot to me. Sensory deprivation I guess?

— slow6i


Having sex with the women I previously had encounters with…as well as fucking some of my wife’s friends.

— NonesofSeptember Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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