30 People On What They Wish They Knew Before Losing Their Virginity

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You do not need to completely unravel a condom before you apply it to your penis.

— amayonazing


Vaginas can be really tight, and if you are a little floppy from nerves or whatever, it’s not going to go in.

— historynerd1865


The importance of stimulating the clitoris.

— NDoilworker


I guess not that I wish I knew but was so surprised by how warm it was, 100% caught me off guard not sure what I was thinking it’d be like

— b8le


I honestly wish I knew that it wasn’t actually a requirement to slap her on the ass.

— kevie3drinks


Don’t feel like you have to last forever.

After she had an orgasm she was done, said it was too sensitive to keep going. Didn’t offer me any assistance with my stuff, so she was sitting in the truck listening to music while I was standing outside whackin’ it in the moonlight next to a cow pasture.

— michaelnpdx


I wish I knew that sex, especially for your first time, isn’t like the movies. There’s going to be clumsy moments, mistakes, awkwardness, etc.

— imseriousdonttouchme


You might feel a super instant attachment to that person, but they might not feel the same way about you.

— frankenboobehs


It’s not as big of a deal as I thought it was. I’m a guy and I lost my virginity at 23. I didn’t tell my partner at the time that I was, but when she found out she fist pumped and said, “Yes! I took a guys virginity!”

— Supersighs


It’s lower than you think.

No, even lower.

— forman98


How messy it can be! The “cuddle puddle” is real, my friends.

— SpehlingAirer


You know how your friends would always tell you it’s okay if you ejaculate within the first 30 sec to 2 minutes of coitus- on your first time. I freaked out when I was at 12 minutes to the point of her cumming/faking and me wanking in the showers. I should have enjoyed the process more. Sorry Pamela

— xkittenpuncher


Sex is a fun, but not exactly life-changing or transcendent experience… there’s no reason to have so many hangups about it.

— loki8481


That the purpose of sex ranges from being an incredibly intimate bonding experience to just a form of fun recreation, and that every person needs to find out for themselves what sex means to them on that continuum.

All the messages about how much you should be having, with what type of person, and how and how much you should be enjoying it are likely bullshit. Just figure it out for yourself.

— survivalothefittest


If you don’t have a condom and she says “it’s okay I take the pill” do NOT proceed. Seriously. It’s not only about getting her pregnant and producing a money destroying hell demon, but also STDs and stuff

— throw-away_catch


My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, I wish I knew on our wedding night that we shouldn’t do it 6 times in 8 hours…. We were both sore for days and only did it like 2 more times during the rest of our honeymoon.

— Hoops_Hops


Not really a moment for me personally, but I wish losing your virginity was less of a big deal. It doesn’t really matter if it wasn’t the best, if you were quite old or quite young, if you didn’t have a relationship, if it wasn’t really what you expected. It isn’t really life changing and even though it was great, the “pressure” to lose your virginity shouldn’t exist.

— imjohnk


The importance of lubrication.

— Idennek


It’s perfectly ok to tell the girl you’re a virgin, DO NOT act like you know wtf you’re doing when you don’t and she does.

— Helterskelter03


Pain is NOT a normal effect of having sex for the first time as a girl. If it hurts, you need to stop and have more foreplay and a partner that respects that and has patience.

Took me a year of laying there in pain waiting until he was finished because I thought it was normal from all the bullshit I’d been told.

— Octopushing


There’s this thing…its called the clitoris…and its kind of a big deal.

— Coogcheese


There is NEVER enough foreplay

— JoshuatTheFool


That the anticipation of the moment makes what is a fairly normal activity frightening. You expect this grand, earth-shattering change and . . . it isn’t that. It’s fun and feels great but it doesn’t bestow knowledge of the universe, unlock new parts of your mind or anything like that.

It’s just a thing you do with someone else. It’s not some grand thing that will forever alter your life. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, and there are times that it’ll be amazing. But people get so hyped up that they really miss out on the enjoyment of it.

— TDKong55


No, losing your virginity will not instantly improve your charisma and make more girls like you. And yes, all of your friends are lying about how much sex they are having.

— Tjuanthousand


The first time sucks. It’s the most over-hyped thing in the world. It doesn’t matter nearly as much as I thought. Don’t take it too seriously.

— mcSibiss


That it was okay to say no to my boyfriend.

— Rileyriot664


It’ll be disappointing at first, but it’s lack-of-skill disappointing, not is-that-all-there-is disappointing.

— jkh107


Pee afterwards. Holy shit, please pee afterwards. Sex can always cause UTIs, but a sudden increase in sexual activity makes them even more likely. I went from virgin to PIV sex four times a week a few months ago and got an infection that spread to my kidneys and made me feel like death for about two weeks. Cranberry juice will not save you.

— GraybrielReddit


Your dick isn’t just going to go in right away, there’s a little work involved. Also, let her know when you’re about to cum, it’s just polite you idiot.

— TheMysteriousMid


Be unafraid of very clear, direct communication. Your needs, requests, questions etc are meant to be respected, as are your partner’s. Everyone was a virgin at some point, it shouldn’t be stigmatized, so don’t be afraid of saying you are one and asking the questions you need answers to.

— sarawras Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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