23 Women Reveal What ‘Creepy’ Things Boys Do That Immediately Send Them Running


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1. The world is so funny that way…

“My previous 17 girlfriends were all totally crazy bitches.”

— effieokay

2. When they love themselves too much

Bragging constantly about how so many chicks think they’re hot…or about how many women they have been with…that isn’t just a red flag that they are incredibly insecure/immature, but also a huge turn-off

— banananamous

3. Slideshow of other girls…

I slept with a guy who I talked to for a while. It’s was no strings attached but he turned out to be a fucking weirdo. We were still in his bed when he grabbed his iPad and started showing me tons of pictures of girls that he slept with. He then said, “I just want you to know that you’re not the first hot piece I’ve ever gotten.” I never slept with him again, but I can’t help but wonder if he did that to the girls he slept with after me and if he showed them my picture too.

4. “She was always crazy”

“She was crazy” when referring to every ex, doesn’t let you go out, gets insanely jealous when you talk to other boys/gets mad at you, checks your social media constantly and texts you or calls you if a you recently started following a boy or like/get a like from a boy, constantly needs to know where you are at all times, gets mad at you when you’re succeeding in life.

— earthtojayme

5. Not taking “no” for an answer

Not taking “no” as an answer. If someone looks really uncomfortable and is actively moving away from you, just let it go dude.

— Ass-n-tiddies

6. Pity hug

‘Where’s my hug?’

— electricfeel_

7. This guy is prolly in jail

A guy asked me to a dance once and I politely turned him down (this was in high school and I wasn’t remotely interested in guys at the time). Later on, I went to a dance with a group and there was that guy, with another girl he asked out. He asked her to dance and she said she was tired. He then grabbed her neck with both of his hands and shook her. She started to cry, but she danced with him. It was horrifying and I am so glad I dodged that bullet.

— Booner999

8. Wut?

Insert broken, mispronounced Japanese into their sentences. Worse if they’re trying to use pet names for you.

Acting like an anime character and thinking it’s ok to inappropriately touch others or be rough and hurt them. (I guess they think it’s romance/comedy?)

Use the words, ‘females’ and ‘mating’ in sentences.

Basically being a weeaboo.

— Pink_Flash

9. “Nice guy”

“…I’m a nice guyTM

— Zef_Apollo

10. Oh god

When they cut your name into their arm after dating for a week

— salvatorie

11. Thou doth protest too much

He keeps saying he’s not attracted to you even though you have never suggested otherwise. I had this guy I thought was my friend and out of nowhere he kept saying he was initially attracted to me but thought of me as a friend and wasn’t attracted to me anymore because we were such good friend he just couldn’t think about me that way.

This happened at least three times per week for a few weeks before the opportunity for him to be creepy sexually to me opened up (too long of a story and pretty boring) then kept insisting he wasn’t attracted to me. Keep in mind I never asked or said anything that would bring into question an attraction. It was a “thou doth protest too much” situation.

— Anaksi

12. Uhhhhhhh….

found out that my ex from a while back had been saving all the food/gum/candy wrappers of stuff i gave him or had eaten with him from our 4 yr relationship in a book. He writes dates and captions by each thing and looks through it in his free time when he misses me… idk maybe its sweet but its bordering obsessive for me

— haki_dw

13. All I did was say “hello”

Guys who come on way too strongly. This guy used to stare at me stalker style all through English class in high school. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so recently (years and years after HS) when he messaged me to say hi, I politely responded.

He then proceeded to tell me how much hotter I am than my sister, ‘react’ to all last 40 pictures of me on FB with a heart, ask me if we could have coffee and “catch-up” and then got mad when I nicely told him maybe. Eventually, I stopped responding , and he continued to CAPS SCREAM at me until 2am on Facebook messenger with no response, and then tried to get my Snapchat too! The weirdest part is he’s fully aware I’m in a long-term relationship. And all I did was say hello back

— ThyElderTrolls

14. Can’t stop checking on you

Calling and texting all the time when you’re out with friends to check who you are with and where you are.

Or if you won’t do what they want, you hear the line: “if you really loved me you’d do it” before a tantrum.

— apple_kicks

15. Weird terminology

Calling women “females” most of the time.

— effieokay

16. No friends allowed

If he gets jealous or mad when you spend time with your friends.

— puzzledvaliant

17. 2 close for comfort

Trying to corner me during conversation? If I don’t know you that well yet, please keep an arm’s length of distance between us.

Once I really got so uncomfortable that I kept stepping backwards until my back was against a wall and that was when I noped out of the conversation.

— Alismere

18. Seriously, step back

Getting super close to me, even when I step back.

Staring at my chest.

— StopThePresses

19. So inappropriate.

When they make sexual remarks about you in front of your family. My sister’s boyfriend does this to her all the time…I can’t even begin to tell you how uncomfortable it is.

— Serenity9034

20. Being weird about race

When they refer to women of colour as exotic

— berry-delicious

21. Can’t deal with money

If his parents are still handling all his money and he’s like 25.

I know someone like this. His mom physically picks up his paycheck on payday and then drives around paying his bills.

— effieokay

22. Just stop

Winking. I’m immediately suspicious and uncomfortable.

— justsayyesgoddess 

23. That’s some wisdom right there

If a guy talks about how much he hates birds, or how many birds he killed, then he is not a good person to be with.

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