14 Women Share The Exact Moment They Knew Their Current Boyfriend Was Interested In Them



“He was sweet and caring and always wanted to hang out. I was really naive and just thought he was friendly, I denied that he was interested in me for months. One night he asked me to dinner and we had drinks afterwards, we ended up kissing and then it went from there haha.”

— xzephyrd


“He was my best friend for years, but he was so cute that I thought for sure he couldn’t be interested. we would go out one-on-one, he’d pay, I moved and it was him (not my ”bf”) coming over again to help me put together my furniture. it was only when we began ‘platonically’ cuddling (and eventually kissed) that I finally got it.”

— todayonbloopers


“We were classmates in grad school and knew each other for close to a year before we started dating. During that time there was a lot of evidence:

  • We studied together ALL the time.
  • At parties, he’d spend a lot of time talking to me.
  • He’d be physically affectionate, but not in a way I found off-putting.
  • Whenever his roommates had gatherings at his house he would always invite me. I later found out I was the only person he personally invited to anything.
  • He’s terrible with birthdays but texted me on mine.
  • When I missed the second day of the semester for my grandfather’s funeral, he texted me to make sure everything was okay and then filled me in on what I missed.
  • He cared about all the random stories I would tell him about my family and friends even though he didn’t know them at all.
  • My friend asked him if he liked me and he said yes. We still didn’t start dating for another three months.

That was long, but I have a lot of good memories of that time. It took us a while to get together due to being cautious about grad school dating but I’m happy we did!”



“He came up to me in a club, so I kinda knew at that point he was casually interested in me. But by the end of the night, we hadn’t kissed, but he stuck around and held my hand as we walked outside. That was such a sweet and genuine gesture that I knew he really liked me, and we’ve been together ever since that sweet hand holding of his.”

— -Oizys


“Met on OkCupid. Went on 10 dates before he kissed me.

Now, usually, after the 3rd date if they haven’t tried anything I assume they’re just bored and want to hang out (military town…). I hung in there just because I was confused as to why he wanted to keep seeing me even after not trying anything. No hand holding, nothing. Curiosity/ego got the better of me :-)

Now we’re married. We talked about getting married a bunch and he attempted to propose twice before he finally did it. He got nervous. So cute. <3.”

— Rain_Walker


“We were friends for 2 years before we started dating. Around October 2011, we started talking a lot more. He was CONSTANTLY sending me cute videos of puppies and other baby animals. He was also trying to become more involved in my life.

When I went home for Thanksgiving Break that year (we didn’t live in the same city while we were at school), he wanted to hang out a lot. At some point, he made a half-joking comment about me modeling lingerie for him (after I told him about how I wanted to go to Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday because I needed new underwear). I remember him coming over to hang out that day, and I thought to myself, “He’s one of your best friends. Whatever you do, don’t ruin it by hooking up with him”. We ended up hooking up that night and have been together ever since. Don’t regret it one bit.”

— ski3


“He wanted to see me. All the time. Ever since the first date, he would literally jump at any and every chance to see me. Even if it was for an hour. He was desperately looking to find out more and to spend more time together.

I’d say 2-3 weeks into it, I knew he was also serious when he started talking about being exclusive, was VERY eager for me to meet his friends and family and he was always making an effort. Whether it was texting me or thinking of a date idea, he made sure that I realized he was thoughtful.”

— xHalcyonx


“We made eye contact once and we both knew. It was the strangest thing and never happened with anyone else. Took awhile for anything to happen because we were seeing other people, but once we were both single and saw each other again…”

— UnicornMeatTaco


“He kissed me. I hadn’t a fucking clue until then.”

— toblercity


“We were friends for years beforehand, so it wasn’t until he started asking me out just one-on-one that I had an inkling. He then told me he was interested… so that was a sure sign.”

— windproof


“We met through a mutual friend online so our entire beginning was on Facebook chat. I knew because he was flirting with me, but then really knew when he offered to drive 3 hours to meet me after only knowing each other for a week.”



“I had my suspicions over the first week we met. Stuff like how he was comfortable sleeping on the floor sharing a blanket when we both stayed in a friend’s room. We once stayed up talking all night even when everyone else had gone to bed, and I didn’t even notice how late it had gotten. Or how he agreed to come along with me to every university thing I wanted to try, including debating (when he doesn’t enjoy public speaking) and a women’s society brunch! Or how we went to an event and he drunkenly introduced me as ‘pretty’.

Though I was kinda oblivious to all of these, it’s only in hindsight I really thought about it. The first time I actually knew for certain was when we went out clubbing and we were both sitting in this round window. He kissed me then and there, and then we went home and we got it on. ;)”

— destria


“He would go out of his way to talk to me, and spend time with me. That was it really – I was a teenager at the time, and he only just wasn’t. Once he took a day off work to help me with something that I could have done on my own, but that I really appreciated having a bit of support with. I think it was probably the first time I really felt like someone (not in my family) actually cared.”

— _pop


“After a night of drinking and hanging out at a bar, I drove him home so he wouldn’t have to walk. Before getting out of the car, he squeezed my leg as he said goodbye and I could just tell from the look in his eyes.”

— RoshiRosh Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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