Life Is One Big Piece Of Shit (So Here’s How To Be Happy Anyway)


Life is just one big piece of shit. One shit storm after another. It’s what you do during the shit storm that defines you as a person.

Most of us grow up content with life. We don’t expect anything that will potentially happen to us. Because what fun would that be? Life is a huge shit storm but in its own way its also beautiful if you think about it. What fun would a simple life be, with no problems? YOU’RE RIGHT, boring.

We all dream about the perfect life, the perfect husband, the perfect kids. But what gets us there? LIFE. That is what gets us there. I think that the millennial generation is so quick to wish and want and need but we don’t appreciate what is standing right in front of us. Why can’t we just appreciate what we have without longing for something more? It’s a problem. An epidemic.

Who cares what kind of degree you have or the job you have or how much money you make? When did we lose sight of the important things in life? Your values, your character, your resilience to get through this crazy life even through all the obstacles. That is what should matter. Being a good person is what should matter.

My advice to all the millennials is this: Good friends matter. Being a good friend matters. Listening matters. Having someone to listen to you matters. What I’m trying to say is this, exactly what your parents told you (or should have told you): Treat others how you want to be treated. And never take for granted any moment with a person that you love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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