5 Mature Ways To Get Over Being Ghosted

Twenty20 / easley.morgan
Twenty20 / easley.morgan

Ghosting is a tricky process where a guy you’re “seeing” ignores you until you give up and get over him. Its an evil method, usually utilized by frat boys or fuc*bois to end a run of casual hookups and avoid the confrontation of a real break-up. Guys who ghost use plenty of excuses to justify their actions, claiming the relationship wasn’t “real” or that they don’t owe you an explanation. The bottom line is: nobody appreciates being ignored, but sometimes it happens, and you have to get over it. Even though it sucks, you will definitely get through it with love and dignity to spare.

1. Remember that it’s not about you. There are a lot of reasons why someone ends a casual relationship, and they are mostly personal. He may be going through stuff with family or school, or he may just be looking for a little variation in his romantic life. Either way, even a casual relationship requires effort, and you deserve to get that effort. If he doesn’t put effort towards you, there’s something else in his life distracting him.

2. Let the feelings out. Ghosting is a type of modern break-up so treat it like such. Take 24 hours and allow yourself to experience the feelings you’re going through without holding back. Cry. Eat ice cream. Scream. Punch a pillow. Call your mom. It’s okay to be sad, its okay to be angry, and its okay to be hurt.

3. Reflect on the problems. Every pseudo-relationship has its problems, and this is the time to think about them. Did you want more than you were getting from the other person? Were you each looking for something different? You’re better off focusing on the reasons why it wouldn’t work out, instead of what you’re missing.

4. Then, pick yourself up. Take a deep breath and start paying attention to the other things in your life. Spend extra hours at the library or pick up an extra shift at work to keep your mind on something else.

5. Go back to normal. As a part of the modern dating world, you’re going to be thrilled and you’re going to be crushed. Look for new faces in the crowd or catch up with an old friend to get comfortable again. Just don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and get back into dating culture. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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