7 Signs You’re Crushing On Your Best Guy Friend

Amazon / 13 Going On 30
Amazon / 13 Going On 30

If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy (like 13 Going On 30), you know what I’m talking about. The female lead spends most of the movie focusing on some guy who’s all wrong for her, eventually discovers she has been in love with her best guy friend all along. While this scenario may not occur picture-perfectly in real life, developing a crush on your best guy friend is a very real possibility. Keep an eye out for the signs and accept the fact that you may just get the rom-com ending you always dreamed about. Here’s what to look for.

1. You do everything together.

There’s a difference between a healthy dose of friendship and a crush. If you find yourself constantly including them in your plans, then your feelings are probably stronger than you think.

2. You think about them a lot.

I don’t mean in the “he would love this” kind of way but more along the lines of daydreaming. Typically, you don’t fantasize about your future with another person unless you like like them.

3. Other people ask about your relationship.

“Are you guys together yet?” is a common question you have to answer. Try as you might to deny it, but good friends tend to see your crushes form before you do.

4. You notice when they’re gone.

If your friends are all hanging out and he’s not there, you find yourself distracted by his whereabouts. Is he studying for his midterm? Is he at work?

5. You have dreams about them.

To be fair, you can have dreams about anybody, but usually someone who’s often on your mind will show up in your subconscious. Especially if you think about them before falling asleep.

6. You pay special attention to them.

They can always count on you to catch their quiet jokes and to notice when they’re distracted. Your close relationship with them is obvious to all your other friends and you don’t try to hide that.

7. You stop saying, ‘He’s like a brother to me.’

This line is the epitome of friend-zoning and makes any idea of a crush forming seem weird. When that description no longer seems fit, then you’re either falling out of touch or falling for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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