5 Stages Of Grief You Experience As A Post-Grad Who Hates Their Job

One of the biggest dilemmas in life is balancing what you love doing with making money. The phrase usually goes “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” An attractive idea, yet its not an easy accomplishment. Us post-grads know how unlikely it is to find a job you love in a field that interests you while still making enough to pay for rent. For that reason, most of my friends and I have taken demeaning jobs for which we are overqualified and too bored to deal with. Life after college is hard enough, but dealing with a crappy job is the cherry on top. This is how you get past it.

1. Denial. You haven’t come to terms with the shame and you can’t bring yourself to tell others about your new job. Sure, you have to pay the bills but working at In-N-Out, 38 hours a week makes you want to pull your own hair out.

2. Anger. Coming home to visit for the holidays means explaining to all kinds of relatives that your new job is “only temporary.” No, you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile and you probably won’t until you have a job you really want.

3. Bargaining. Even if your new employer has a reputation for hiring any kid right out of college, you’re gonna be the first one up for a promotion because you’re obviously better than everyone else. Its better to be the best of the worst, than the worst of the best…right?

4. Depression. Everyone else in your graduating class is in the Peace Corps, working in a lab, or being personally mentored by a billionaire, but Tilly’s just gave you a pay raise and you never have to use your brain at work.

5. Acceptance. Now you know your job sucks, but that’s okay! You’re going to find another job and it’ll be all you’ve ever dreamed of. Someday you’ll earn more than minimum wage and maybe even get benefits! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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