The Final Five Define REAL #SquadGoals

NBC Olympics
NBC Olympics

I think it’s time we talk about REAL #SquadGoals. The US Women’s Gymnastics Team have broken records together, while supporting each other’s success every step of the way. They worked incredibly hard and they are some of the strongest women in the world.

They have become famous for something that is truly impressive.

They have talent that, to me, looks like it’s something a human would never be able to do (seriously, are they human?) These five ladies should be what every young woman looks up to. Women by nature tend to be very competitive with one another. We are judged by our bodies, our clothes, our friends, the way we speak, and so many other things (usually things that should not define us).

Taylor Swift has made “Squad Goals” a popular hashtag for millennials. This is based mostly on the status and looks of the women that she is frequently photographed with. I am not taking away from any of their achievements, I just think that squad goals should be a lot more than women taking pictures in bikinis on the beach. Maybe if they were photographed together giving speeches at colleges, helping underprivileged children, or raising money, I would be a little more impressed.

Watching Simone Biles win medal after medal inspires me to work harder every day towards my own goals. She will also inspire little girls all over the world that they can make their dreams come true, regardless of their background.

Her focus isn’t on superficial things, it’s about being completely dedicated to something huge. Simone, Gabby, Madison, Laurie, and Aly have certainly made this country proud.

They have all had extreme amounts of pride for their solo accomplishments and they take pride in their teammate’s success as if they were their own.

Remember in 1994, when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked on the ice so Tonya Harding could take the spotlight at the Winter Games in Lillehammer? Yeah, that is something that would NEVER happen with these women. Even though Simone has been in the media as the favorite, the other women never gave up, and they never stopped supporting Simone. You can see they are genuinely happy for her despite being told they were just competing to stand beside her on the podium. They stayed cheerful even while being criticized for not “being serious enough.”

I am so bored with young female celebrities gaining popularity from ridiculous things. As far as I am concerned, there are no more Squad Goals after these Olympic Games. They cannot be outdone by Taylor and her model friends.

While Taylor was crying on Instagram about Kayne West hurting her feelings (I get it, he is a jerk), and writing songs about her exes; Simone, Aly, Laurie, Madison, and Gaby were getting ready to dominate in the 2016 Rio Olympics. #REALSquadGoals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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