This Is The Importance Of Being Your Own Person Even In A Relationship

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

What does it mean to be together but also separate? Understanding this logic could be what leads you to the ultimate successful relationship.

Many people believe that the key to a solid relationship is to share everything with one another, which is true to a certain extent.

Share the world with one another, experience new things, be a support system, and communicate on a healthy level, these things all contribute to achieving a wonderful connection with someone.

So many couples spend an abundance of time just with each other and it leaves your other relationships to wither. This should never be the case in a truly healthy relationship.

Do not forget that the love you have for yourself has opened your heart to be able to accept love from others, and that is what you have to thank for your successful partnership.

You should never feel like you need to ask permission to go have a drink with your friends, but there should be open communication if it could potentially make someone uncomfortable.

Establish a level of trust so that you can both still do what you want; but know that what the other wants to do, won’t be betraying your romance.

It’s a great idea for you both to set up days where you will each venture out to do your own thing; whether it’s both of you going out with a group of friends, or one of you going out, and the other having a peaceful night at home.

You can walk around the house naked (also fun to do with your bae present), take a long hot bath with a glass of wine, and sing obnoxiously. Or have a “Sex and the City” night with your girls venting about miscommunication, or share your happiness.  That is time that you can take to recharge your batteries.

One common thing that happens in a new relationship is that you absorb your partner’s interests and hobbies, and make them your own. This is a wonderful way to show your support, but make sure you can each keep some of those things for yourself. It’s okay to have interests that conflict from time-to-time.

If your man does not want to go shopping on Sundays that is fine, you can still go without him. Do it for yourself. Never let go of the things that you enjoy because you can’t always share it with him, always maintain your independence.

If your woman does not want to go fishing next weekend, that doesn’t make her any less compatible with you, that is just special time you can take for yourself, or to venture out and have guy time.

The only thing that may hinder the growth of your relationship is if you persuade your partner against doing these things, simply because they don’t interest you, or if you feel jealous of their time away from you (red flag alert, if that is the case then you might as well run for the hills immediately!)

Sometimes it is hard to allow separateness to happen after failed relationships and broken hearts but still being YOU will ensure that the person you are with loves who you are as a person, not necessarily who you morphed into during the progression of your time together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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