Everyone Just Needs To Chill Out With All This Hatred Going Around


I once read an article posted on this site that was about not seeing what your loved ones see in you. How I can think I deserve one thing, and the people surrounding me, that care about me, believe I deserve so much more. It really struck a nerve in me and I began to rebuild my self-image, and I am now in a loving relationship. This is an example of how someone else’s words can really change another individual’s life.

But I digress; as I opened myself up more freely and started to focus attentively on the world around me, I obtained a higher sense of positivity, and I noticed so many people are absorbed in negativity. There are so many people willing to make a negative comment, rather than a positive one. Instead of constructive criticism, people are just tearing one another down. I have been the victim of mean, insulting comments simply because my words have been taken the wrong way.

Why have we started to become so angry towards one another? Clearly there are a lot of issues that are going on in our country, and the rest of the planet, that need to be spoken out on. But why must we speak with such angst? Whatever happened to the common concept of love one another? “Together we stand, divided we fall.”

Facebook is constantly flooded with people posting slanderous articles from non-credible sources, that are offensive to other readers. They thoughtlessly shove uneducated opinions aggressively in their friends’ faces via News Feed. Are we just hiding behind computer screens to share our anger and letting it build up day-by-day by not communicating our differences in a healthier manner? Gender equality is an issue, race is an issue, equal marriage is an issue, I could continue but I think you can catch my point. I think it’s time that we reach within ourselves for the answers to all of these questions. If something small offends you so much that you are spreading hate, there is something within yourself that needs to be resolved, that only you (or a therapist) can resolve. I haven’t always had the easiest life; I taught myself how to take a bad situation, turn it into a beautiful lesson, and continue to grow. I’ve been treated poorly for being a female and treated unfairly for being bi-racial.

My father was a victim of segregation, he was very poor as a child, and now he has a successful business. I am regularly discriminated against because of my ancestors, and my last name, yet I still do not spend hours of the day feeling resentful towards people for the way their minds work. Instead I strive to prove those “haters” wrong. I mind my own business and take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I don’t send angry comments in retaliation to intentionally hurt someone for the way they have made me feel; I say a prayer for their ignorance. If someone has a different opinion, that does not mean you should want to cause them harm.

Remaining civilized is the best way to get your point across. You have to choose to be happy and take your trials as learning opportunities. Steer your attention to ways that you can make a difference rather than using ill-will. You cannot put out a fire with fire, you cannot change someone’s mind by screaming your opinion in their face, and you certainly cannot end violence by stirring up more violence. Forgive me for restating age-old wisdom, but I think it is good for everyone to have a reminder from time-to-time that it is okay, put the ice cubes on and chill. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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