As A Woman I Am More Than What You See At Surface Level

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I am more than my appearance.

Of course, everyone loves to be complimented on their looks. Even when a person is terrible at taking a compliment, it feels good. I will be the first to admit this. However, when my appearance is all that you compliment me on, it is infuriating. Next time you plan to comment on my appearance or someone else’s, try to think of literally any other question or compliment prior. Examples:

“Hello! How is your college degree working out for you?”
“Hello, do you feel fulfilled in your life?”
“Hello, I heard you just got your own place. Congratulations!”
“Hello, are you happy and healthy?”


I am more than my womb.

I am so grateful to be a woman and to have the ability to procreate. I will never take that for granted, believe me. However, simply because I am a female, does not mean my entire existence should be based around being a mother. Women who choose to not have kids are not any less female and should never be looked down upon for these decisions. I am 23 and already have pressure from family to have grandchildren. Can we all realize how INSANE this is?! Before I can be a mother, I need to be my own person. Some women need time before having kids (if they choose to have them at all) and that is okay. Other women can have children at a young age and thrive. Women are more than a womb. Let’s not forget this.

There are also people who identify as women who will never be able to have children due to their biology. This also does not make them any less woman. The only requirement to being a woman is to identify as one. I cannot stress this enough.

I am more than my relationship status.

Contrary to popular belief, women can be happy alone OR in a relationship. Simply because I choose to be single (and yes it is a choice), does not mean I am not fulfilled and entirely happy in my life. I am. When I am ready to settle down, I will. On the flip side, women that enjoy being in relationships and find themselves in them often should never be judged. Craving intimacy and not wanting to be alone does not make a person weak while choosing to be alone does not make a person lonely. Moving right along.

Here are some things that I would love to talk about in place of what is mentioned above:
• My job
• Education
• My plans for the future
• Books
• Movies
• Climate change
• Politics
• Dogs
• History
• Science
Literally anything Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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