8 Qualities About Travelers That Only People Who Live To Travel Understand

When I return home after traveling I always notice the differences between the people I met while I was on the road and the people I surround myself back home. You might not think there is such a big difference, but oh boy let me tell you it is. Keep in mind, non-travelers, there is not only local people, but also other travelers, that makes traveling seem like a different world for us who like to spend time on foreign land.

Over time I have noted in the back of my mind a few distinct differences that separates the two types of people from the other.

1. A traveler is up for anything at any time

And sees every happening as an adventure. Ready to adapt to new environments and finds a personal interest in almost everything. Even at home or abroad. The non-traveler person barely has enough free time and needs to plan everything in weeks, no months ahead before committing to anything.

2. A traveler doesn’t have huge investments

Like a house or a car and is free to go at any time. A non-traveler is pretty settled with a house or an apartment, loans, and prioritizes family life before travels.

3. A traveler is fine with having any type of a job

As long as it pays well and provides the opportunity to work until one can go abroad again. For the average person the most important thing is to have a secure job, preferably nine to five, and a workplace where you commit for years. A type of scenario, so far away, and a bit scary thought to the traveler.

4. A traveler is used to meeting any types of people

And is not so judgmental, easygoing and goes with the flow. A traveler go trough life thinking that you meet every person for a reason and that you can learn something from each and every one. Others may hesitate more and sees maybe even danger in surrounding themselves with unfamiliar faces unexpectedly for no reason.

5. A traveler doesn’t do vacation’s

In fact the word doesn´t exist in a travelers vocabulary. Travelers go for adventure and usually for some time when they have left their home country. While the non-traveler is perfectly fine resting and enjoying life to the fullest those three weeks of summer vacation in July.

6. Travelers travel to challenge themselves

To do something different that they never would have the chance to at home: Like skydiving, bungee jumping, taking a diving license, or any sports activity that he or she has saved money for. For a non-traveler it doesn´t matter where they are as long as the temperature is warm and the road to food and beverages is not long.

7. The traveler knows how far you can go for very little money

How long you can survive with very little and how small of a luggage you actually need with you. I think the non-traveler always uses money, distance and time as an excuse not to see the world and also has very little packing experience.

8. A traveler is not so dependent on family bonds

And staying connected with family relatives, or even friends all the time. The non-traveler have a hard time being miles away from their loved ones, and this is usually the factor that prevents them to travel at all or stay abroad for a long period of time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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