5 Things I’m Going To Miss About College After Graduation

I’m so close to graduation. As long as I pass all my classes, I’ll be officially done with college as of December 16. And already I’m feeling pretty nervous. I realize that some things will stay the same. I’m one of those people that went to college close to home, and I actually still live with my parents. So I’m not nervous about where I’ll wind up. And while I’m excited about being done, there are also several things I know I’m going to miss about being a college student – or a student at all, for that matter. Here are a few of those things.

1. Getting to see my friends on a kind of regular basis. I know college is a really busy time and I don’t always get to see people or have free time. However, once I graduate, I won’t even be on campus, which is where most of my friends will still be. The possibility of sitting next to them in class or studying together in the library will be gone.

2. A daily routine. Sure, it’ll probably be nice for a while to get to sleep in a little later and to actually have some free time. Eventually, though, I’ll want to find a job. And I’m not saying it’ll take forever, but there’s really no way of knowing exactly how long it’ll take me. I haven’t been unemployed since it was legal for me to work. I’ve also been a student every year since the age of four. I’m going to miss having a schedule, despite how busy that schedule has been over the past few years. I’ll miss having my weekdays organized.

3. Student discounts. Granted, I won’t miss living on a student budget (once I get a job), but those discounts have always been really nice. It’s actually really amazing how many places give discounts to college students, such as restaurants, retail stores, and even Spotify. I’m going to miss being able to claim that student discount, especially during that (hopefully short) time of unemployment.

4. My gym membership. Now, I realize that I don’t use the school gym nearly as much as I should, but I also know that I’m going to seriously miss it once it’s gone. Paying for a gym membership is expensive! I realize that college is expensive as well and that my gym membership wasn’t exactly free, but I’ll miss not having to think about how much it costs for me to go somewhere to work out.

5. The student activities. I don’t always participate, but I like having them as options. Mud volleyball, bowling, ice skating, open mic night… These are just a few of the activities I’ve attended over the years. Planning what I’m doing Saturday night is easy when there’s already an activity specifically planned for students. After college, I’ll actually have to put in effort when I want to do something with my friends – especially if it’s something a little more out of the ordinary.

But while there are a lot of things I’m going to miss, there are also a lot of things I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to get my first post-college job, move into my own apartment, and live in a new place. Yes, these things are scary, but that’s kind of the exciting part of the whole adventure. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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