Whatever You Do, Just Travel

Be the traveler who travels alone. Travel with friends. Take road trips. Take the train. Utilize the local transport. Stay in 5 stars. Stay in rooms which don’t burn a hole in your pocket and instead, use that money for, y’know, essential items. See if you can get yourself invited into a local’s home — if you do, consider yourself lucky and fortunate in their hospitality.

Travel with a plan, or make one up as you see which roads you hit. Take a risk and see how far you can wing it. Find a job which makes you travel or make traveling your job. Skip splurging on the amazing dress you found at or the Rolex or whatever and save up that money.

Travel to the same place again, and let your soul sink into its soul. Or leave a little part of you in every new place and never return — the world is too big to tread upon the same path over and over again. Travel to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and let yourself be at peace with the disquiet of your mind and disjoin from the cacophony of humans. Travel to cities and marvel at how the sun plays hide and seek with the skyscrapers and how everything is alive and bright even at 2am and wonder about the people living there and their everyday lives and stories.

You will invariably find a place that will make you wonder if you could fit in there, finding yourself wanting to settle down there. Do it. You’re young enough too, and no, this youth has nothing to do with age.

Or don’t do it — use it as your happy place, as your paradise every time you find yourself wanting to escape.

Treat travel as a way of finding yourself but don’t be surprised if you don’t or if you end up losing yourself. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find yourself doing either. That’s not the point of travel anyway. Not every place will capture you or your imagination. That’s okay. Don’t expect to fall in love either. With humans or places. These things rarely work out the way you hope them to.

Eat local or… actually, no matter what, eat local. There is no better way to fully experience a place than to immerse yourself in the culinary palate it has to offer. Brownie points to you if it’s home cooked. Even if your dietary restrictions forbid you from completely submersing yourself in the culinary variety the place has to offer, don’t just stick to your everyday dinner. As is with all things to do with travel, explore the food options- you’ll find something for you most of the times.

Travel once, if you hate it. Travel again and again, if you love it. The point is, TRAVEL. You’re lucky enough to live in a world in which exploring the corners has never been easier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Brianna Wiest

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