This Is The Most Underrated Quality Of Generation Y

What is sincerity?

Sincerity is the quality of being free from pretense, deceit or hypocrisy; but it can be so much more when you really think about it.

Sincerity is showing up one hundred percent to this moment; without fear or expectation. Full of Love. Sincerity is what you think about, your thoughts and emotions when no one is around. It is your pure connection with yourself. It is what you would do and say if you weren’t afraid. If you didn’t have to worry about the opinions of others, what your parents will say, will your boss fire you for saying it. It is in sincerity that the boundaries between family, friends, and strangers disappear. It is here, that you can willingly, joyously humble yourself. Where fulfilling connections with others and yourself flourish. It’s here that you will find your joy, your calling, even your soulmate.

When you are sincere, you are your truest, purest, most authentic self. You are at the core of your being. (And let me tell you — it’s a marvelous, and daring, and intense and creative and inspired, and beautiful being you’ve got.)

Why is it underrated?

In teenage years, at the cross section of feeling so much, not being able to understand it and fearing rejection. Sincerity gets lost. Rather than going deeper into ourselves to understand it, we went out and sought comfort in acceptance. Trading substance, understanding, and connection for security.

For most of us, fear dictates our thoughts, which dictates our decisions. These decisions shape our lives, our friends, our careers, and our families. Without sincerity, there’s no meaning and no fulfillment. Any authentic relationship is built on trust, faith that the other is being honest with you. Showing their true selves. And in return you have to also show your true self.

It’s why we have a hard time connecting. We have lost what creates that connection.

Sincerity is the voice of instinct and intuition. When you come from a place of sincerity, you are authentic, true, and you are nothing more than a human; seeking to be loved, and yearning to give love. Without sincerity, true love doesn’t exist, beauty, art, joy, and serenity. None of these things can exist if we haven’t first learned how to be sincere with ourselves; if we can’t connect to our deepest self.

This is your call to action. Find your feelings.

Determine your current emotional state. Your emotions will lead you to your truth. Find what you sincerely feel, what you sincerely love. Be sincere in all that you do. Sincerity will slowly dissipate fear. Sincerity cannot exist with fear. Do not look at it from another perspective. Experience your emotions solely from your perspective.

You might even discover things you never knew about yourself. New relationships will blossom because of it. You will attract a new kind of life, new friends. You will even become a different person.

Seek moments that bring you to tears, and when you find that moment, that emotion. Don’t stifle it. Don’t push it away. Let it come. Embrace how fortunate you are to feel such emotion. Even if it is at a dinner party, if it is at a business meeting, your cousins’ bar mitzvah. Whatever! These are the moments that we need. We need this sincerity. It is what sets us free.

We need sincerity. We need to see raw, emotion, not only for our own emotional freedom. We need to be okay with it in us, and in others. If we see someone else taking that emotion without shame, we see how we can do it ourselves. Don’t let your shame keep you from the beauty of these emotions. There is beauty even in pain. It’s the greatest teacher you will ever have.

We strayed from sincerity at some point our early teenage years. And now our generation can’t find it’s way back.

We have forgotten. Forgotten that sincerity is the mother of truth, and of all that is pure.

We have forgotten how to do be sincere. We lost it in ourselves. And when others show it, we become uncomfortable. We are wrapped up in appearances. In maintaining our personas to maintaining our circle of friends. We wound sincerity every time we don’t say what we feel. Every time we don’t allow our emotions to be. Eventually Sincerity will be completely lost

Sure, we still see it in our biggest moments: weddings, funerals, birthdays, and anniversaries. Even tragedies.

But what about our daily lives?

Don’t we deserve to experience such beauty every day?

Maybe we don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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