What Is It Liked To Be Loved By You?

Alessio Lin

I have a lot of questions for him,
but unfortunately,
they’ll remain unanswered in this lifetime.

What’s it like
to be the recipient of those rare smiles
and laughter?
Not even once did you do it for me, after all.

What’s it like
to hold you hand,
to feel the constant pressure
of your intertwined fingers with mine?

What’s it like
to be able to talk to you everyday,
never once fearing that every message could be the last?

What’s it like
to be cared and treasured for by you?
Would you have been the type to come running
or that of a man who will attempt to force
a calm facade?

What’s it like
to be held by you?
Like the way you held her in your arms as
you took a photograph to
celebrate a much-awaited milestone

What’s it like
to cry with with you?
After all, all I ever did was to cry for you

What’s it like
to exchange hand-written letters with you?
While I couldn’t even hand you the one I wrote –
and will remain unsent for as long as I’m alive

What’s it like
to do casual things with you such as
simply going to a grocery store or a drive?
I bet she could see you smile and laugh
as often as she’d like, while I nearly begged to see just one

But lastly, more than anything,
I’d like to know,
what’s it like to be loved by you?

Maybe, just maybe,
I’ll get my answer in the lifetime after this one,
I hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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