This Is Which Pokémon Best Represents You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Protective, territorial, and independent, Pidgeotto and Aries are total twins. Arians don’t like to be told what to do and prefer to carve out their own bath. They’re incredibly confident and know that if they set their mind to something they can absolutely make it happen.




Like Rapidash, Taureans are pretty competitive and don’t shy away from a challenge. They’re usually pretty calm and level but the second you set them off—watch out. They’ll come at you with a force like you’ve never seen.




Geminis and Meowth both LOVE getting their way and aren’t afraid to play a little dirty to get it. But despite their rough and tough exterior, they’re actually squishy and soft on the inside. There’s a lot of love in there, it can just take a little bit in order to find it.




Like Jigglypuff, Cancers can be a bit unexpected! They’re filled with emotion and love and sometimes don’t know where to put it all. Don’t be fooled by their sweet exterior and nature, there’s absolutely a fierceness inside of them.




Arcanines and Leos both love attention, praise, and hearing how amazing they are. Confident and protective, Leos will stand up for the people who they love. They love being role models and someone who others aspire to emulate in their own lives.




Charizard and Virgos are extremely challenging personalities. Virgos know their strength and their wit and aren’t afraid to show it. They’re very intense people who need strong personalities around them to balance them out.




Helpful, empathetic, and almost annoying kind, Dragonite and Libra are truly kindred spirits. Relationships and friendship are incredibly important to them, and they’ll defend those they love fiercely. Everyone is lucky to have a Libra/Dragonite in their life.




Like Cloyster, Scorpios don’t come out of their shell for just anyone. They tend to keep to themselves or stick closely to the people they trust the most—which doesn’t come easily. Emotionally guarded, secretive and mysterious, getting to a Scorpio is never an easy task.




Just like Gyarados Saggitarians are one-of-a-kind, rare, and untameable. They’re completely wild and aren’t afraid to march to the beat of their own drum. But don’t cross them—they’ll be on the attack so quickly you won’t even be sure what hit you.




Headstrong, practical, and total leaders, it’s no surprise that Capricorns are just like Marowak. They’re not very swayed by other people’s opinions and have strong wills that are not easily broken. They can be hard to get to know due to their tough exterior, so they’re the type that you have to let come to you.




Aquarians are a little unpredictable and don’t necessarily go with the flow, which is why they’re obviously Croagunk. They’re very concentrated people who know if you want something right you have to do it yourself. Aquarius (like Croagunk) will definitely catch you off guard more often than not, and they’re always one step ahead of everyone around them.




Just like the little creature with the seed on his back, Pisces is sensitive and intelligent and loyal. Like Bulbasaur people find a Pisces soothing and sweet to be around. People are naturally drawn to their empathetic and loyal nature, which is why they’re such a favorite and very, very popular. TC mark

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