Netflix Is About To Release A Reality Show That Pressures Someone Into Committing Murder

It’s no secret that reality TV has gotten crazier and crazier throughout the years. From the days of Fear Factor to following around the Kardashians for over 10 years, TV producers are constantly looking for the next, most wild and never -before-seen thing in order to get audiences to watch.

And it looks like Netflix is going to the most shocking thing of all to get us to tune in: murder.

The Push/Netflix

The Push, premiereing next week on Netflix, follows as 70 actors are all involved in an elaborate scheme with the intent to lead one non-actor to the point where he’s convinced he needs to kill another man. Hosted by illusionist/mentalist Derren Brown, the idea is to get Chris (the non-actor who has no idea what’s going on or that he is being filmed) to believe he must push another person off of a ledge in order to get himself out of the high-risk situation.

The Push/Netflix

Brown says the premise is simple.

“Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?”

Check out the trailer for yourself below.


The Push hits Netflix Tuesday, February 27th. Are you going to watch?? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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