Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who’s Most Likely To Get Away With Murder

Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who's Most Likely To Get Away Murder

12. Leo

A Leo is a total attention whore and a complete and total gossip. What would a Leo be most concerned with? Getting away with murder or making sure everyone knew the INSANE thing they just did? For maybe a day or so they’d keep it to themselves. But then their big mouths would get the better of them and their cover would be completely blown.

11. Aries

An Aries would kill someone super impulsively and spur of the moment, and they wouldn’t be able to keep it to themselves after the dirty deed was done. It would be in between every whisper, in every bated breath. Even though an Aries would have the best of intentions on the whole “get away with murder” thing, they wouldn’t be able to keep it to themselves, which would be their ultimate downfall.

10. Gemini

Geminis operate extremely hot and extremely cold. So if they get impulsive, that’s all that matters. Even if in the back of their mind they know it’s probably better to keep things under wraps, their emotions will take over and have their way. A Gemini will never be the rational one, or the level headed one. And if they murdered someone? Then all bets are absolutely off.

9. Pisces

A Pisces would be so heartbroken, so upset with themselves that they actually hurt someone to the degree of actually killing them. They would absolutely cave and confess to someone what actually happened. There’s no way a bleeding heart Pisces would be able to get away with murder, they’d be too mad at themselves in order to do so.

8. Sagittarius

On one hand, a Sagittarius would get away with murder because they’d skip town the second the body started to drop temperature. But on the other, they’re so all over the place it’s unlikely they’d realistically be able to keep the secret for all that long. In typical Sag fashion, it would depend on the person, the time of year, their mood, the crystals present, the font in the oped…you get the picture.

7. Libra

The reason a Libra would get away with murder is out of pure necessity. They’re too busy, too determined to throw away any other plan in lieu of getting pinned for a killing. If they were feeling ambivalent or distracted, maybe. But otherwise, there’s no way a Libra would let themselves be stopped by anything, murder included.

6. Cancer

Cancers are the dreamers, the planners, the vision-boarders of the astrological chart. And it’s pretty much ensured that no Cancer said, “50 to life” on their vision board at any point in time. While they would be consumed with guilt, sure, there’s no way a Cancer would allow themselves to go down for murder and disrupt the rest of their life. They’ll be really upset about it, but they’ll self-preserve to stay out of trouble.

5. Taurus

A Taurus is an iron vault, a locked case, a wall of secrets. There’s absolutely no way a Taurus would go down for something without a fight. They’ll clam up, lock up, and hole up. They won’t give up details because details will take you down. And no Taurian is going to go down for murder unless they’re absolutely forced to.

4. Virgo

Virgos are meticulous. Virgos are analytical. Nothing gets past a Virgo sight unseen. There’s no way a Virgo would go down for murder because plain and simple, they wouldn’t allow it. They’re too “big picture”, too aware of everything all at once. A Virgo would absolutely get away with murder, and that’s something any non-Virgo should keep in the back of their mind.

3. Scorpio

It’s not that a Scorpio would be THAT good at talking their way out of murder, it’s that they’re so all over the place it would be hard to pin down. Scorpios are unpredictable, hot and cold, in one place and then the next at the drop of a hat. And that’s how they’d get away with murder. Because you’d never be able to actually put it on them.

2. Capricorn

How would a Capricorn get away with murder? By making you think it was the best option. A Capricorn is the quintessential cult leader. They’ll convince you that their way of thinking is the correct one, and that any other thoughts are absolutely preposterous. And with their balanced, level-headed, all-together nature…why wouldn’t you put your trust in them?

1. Aquarius

An Aquarius would get away with murder because an Aquarius would see no other choice. When they decide that’s what they have to do, they’ll lock up and put their heads down in order to get away with it. There’s no sign that makes a better criminal than an Aquarius. So when you think of them, watch out. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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