10 Reasons Why Saturn Can Actually Be Incredible For You And Your Life


Saturn has the worst reputation in Astrology, and it took me a while to understand why Astrology enthusiasts have placed such a negative connotation attached to the planet Saturn. It is known that Saturn is the planet of dread – it indicates sorrow, suffering, delay, limitation, and detachment among other negative traits. Granted the latter are indications of why humans suffer throughout their existence creating fear from this wonderful planet. There is an alluring mystery as to why Saturn is one of the most misunderstood planets in Astrology and it stems from the fact, that Saturn is the planet of “hidden blessings”.

It is not easy to deal with Saturnian lessons as they encompass the death of your ego and your idealism. The illusions that are instilled in your life that no longer are allowing you to foresee the awaited future will suddenly strip away. You will be held close in proximity to Saturn’s protection, which in the end is what Saturn serves you. Saturn is the planet that causes our livelihood to improve mentally, spiritually, and socially – it just takes PATIENCE to see Saturn’s results.

It takes Saturn 26-29 years for its solar return and usually, this phenomena entails the native to undergo realistic measures, dismantling all illusions through personal development and growth. There’s a book called “The Greatness of Saturn” written by Robert Schovoba, and if you truly want to understand why Saturn is the true planet of greatness, amongst the other great planets this is the book to read. Saturdays are also favorable for Saturn as this planet governs this day of the week.

Life, in the end, is about the lessons we have learned, what has humbled us, and the connection we share with others – which is why we must understand the true nature of this wonderful planet. These are the reasons why Saturn is YOUR best friend.

1. Saturn is the truth-teller.

Saturn plays no games, doesn’t beat around the bush, and is the straight shooter. He doesn’t allow excuses to unfold before his very eyes and is not sympathetic to emotional manipulation. He knows your truth, and will not accept anything but. Saturn then is the planet of enlightenment.

2. Saturn is the humbler.

You thought you had it all, and you felt on top of the world. Saturn will take those wonderful things away from you, and teach you that true happiness is not found in external energies, but from within. You will learn with Saturn, that not everything may seem as it is, that there is still something more to learn even when you feel you have achieved everything… Saturn is the realistic friend, bringing you back down to earth allowing you to gracefully accept defeat and becoming one with the world.

3. Saturn is the righteous judge.

No one gets away or can escape Saturn’s judgment. This is why policemen or people that attain social or judicial careers have a strong Saturn in their natal chart. All justice is served when Saturn is present, and he has no qualms about serving you what you deserve. Saturn stands in his belief that it is integral to understand the consequences of your actions, to avoid repetitive mistakes, to bring justice to those who have been wronged, and enforce limitations on chaos.

4. Saturn is the giver of strength.

He will give you long delays, and push back events, happenstances, and ideals in your life causing you to feel frustrated. This is a necessary tactic from Saturn as it instills a tougher interior for you. In the long run, Saturn teaches you that through adversities, obstructions, and opposition will you then be granted true strength and resilience.

5. Saturn is the teacher.

We all remember that one teacher that was hard on us – the difficult assignments, advanced tests, and pop quizzes. However, this teacher is now your favorite because this teacher was most impactful to your personal growth. Saturn is the quintessential teacher, truly alluding your life lessons, constantly giving you homework, daunting tasks, and sudden changes that allows you to process your life in a more disciplined manner.

6. Saturn will grant you respect.

Saturn is the significator of career and authority. Saturn is the original lord of the 10th house and 11th house, indicating what you will actually receive in this lifetime through your own work and efforts. Saturn, in turn, will be the planet that will give you a sense of authority in the house it is placed in because you have experienced the harshest aspects in that house and will allow others to respect your opinion and see you as a guide.

7. Saturn is longevity.

Saturn is the signification of ongoing longevity in any sphere in life. It is fixed in the way that it will stay in one sign for 2 years causing a sense of lingering in that area. Therefore, Saturn is all about lingering, persistence, and consistent energy that can take you to heights in your career, relationships, and security. Longevity is about having a stability, which is what Saturn ultimately seeks.

8. Saturn is Simplification.

Clutter does not sit well with Saturn. This includes physical clutter in your home, clutter in your relationships/friendships, and mental/spiritual clutter. During a strong Saturn transit, you will experience a need to declutter your life in every possible way. Everything will be simplified to experience a simpler life, attached life. Saturn makes you less attached to the outside forces and wants you to stop enforcing your identity through external forces.

9. Saturn Brings True Connection.

Saturn is the significator of the times you had it tough when you hit rock bottom. Since you went through the tough times, you no longer feel separate to another person’s pain or struggle – Saturn makes you one with the rest of the world; it makes you relatable, compassionate, and all purposeful.

10. Saturn is better than Jupiter.

Jupiter has the greatest reputation as it is considered benevolent. Jupiter gives because it gives, not because you earned your way through the rewards. Therefore, Saturn makes you appreciate your rewards because you fought for them. It gives you more satisfaction in knowing you overcame Saturn’s obstacles, and you still made it through. In the long run, Saturn gave you ongoing lessons, self-reliance, and resilience – Saturn teaches you to teach yourself into success which is the greatest gift of all! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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