29 Secret Questions Every Woman Suddenly Starts Asking Herself After Age 29

Happy Endings
Happy Endings

1. When it’s important to be informed

So, where are my eggs going exactly?

2. When you probably need to consult a doctor

Should I start freezing my eggs, because I’m genuinely worried about the state of my eggs and it’s incredibly disconcerting and worrying?

3. When you’re hungover and have just eaten Taco Bell

Am I supposed to be grown by now?

4. When someone carded you for that bottle of wine

What does it say about the state of my life if that was just the highlight of my week?

5. When it’s important to understand if you have a problem

Does drinking an entire bottle of wine on a weeknight to, like, “wind down” make me an alcoholic?

6. When you’re philosophizing about shit you shouldn’t be thinking about

Do you ever get the feeling you’re the only person not running a marathon, having a kid, or buying a house? How are people so adult now?

7. When your true feelings come out

Ok, my 10 year high school reunion is around the corner, but honestly, do I need to go because I feel like every time I go on Facebook, it’s my high school reunion anyway?

8. When you feel old

Why do I suddenly feel like I understand the plight of all parents on TV shows or movies much more than I understand the youths?

9. When you are self-aware

Why is ‘youths’ a word that is now perfectly acceptable in my vocabulary?

10. When you get in the mood to throw a little bit of shade

Do people in their early 20s or even their mid 20s realize how much their life is going to change before they get to my adult level?

11. When you’re a little cranky

Why does every place I go to have to be so goddamn loud? Do people not have conversations anymore?

12. When tequila happens


13. When your back hurts for no good reason

Why is my entire body against me forever?

14. When you don’t know wtf anyone is talking about ever

Wtf is a snapchat and do I have to get one?

15. When you’re showing your age, yo

How can those young people put such private details of their life on social networks? Do they want jobs one day?!

16. When the inevitable happens

When did I turn into my mother? Was that, like, an overnight thing?

17. When someone younger than you asks to hang out

What time does it start? 10? Wait, TEN PM AT NIGHT WHEN IT’S DARK TIME!?

18. When you make important plans with yourself

Do I want to read a mystery or a post-apocalyptic novel this Friday?

19. When you have mad respect for people who have procreated

How were my parents my age or younger when they had me and why do I feel like I am not at all equipped to have children? WHY AM I SO TIRED.

20. When you have procreated

How come I feel not at all prepared for motherhood and is every other mother doing it better than me? WHY AM I SO TIRED.

21. When you realize you get to choose what you care about

Isn’t it awesome when I don’t get worked up about the shit I used to get so damn worked up about?

22. When you find out someone was talking shit about you

Hah, what, really? Is this high school?

23. When you get the memo that someone does not like you

Lol, do I care?

24. When you wake up early on the weekends

Who’s getting shit done like a BOSS?!

25. When you can’t understand other people’s choices

Do people still make plans on the weekends? WHYYYYYY? Do they not understand how amazing it is to wake up on a Saturday with absolutely nothing at all to do??

26. When you are clear on what is important and what is not

Ok, but when is happy hour?

27. When you realize you don’t remember what high school was like


28. When all your friends have gotten on your level

So, a bottle for the table, right?

29. When you realize you are fucking awesome all around and that your 30s are about to become the decade of all decades in your life

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