Watching HBO’s ‘Girls’ Sounds Like Way Too Much Pressure

HBO: Girls
HBO: Girls

Here is what I have deduced from the vastness of the internet and zero actual research:

1. There are four girls (maybe?) who are really close friends but they are all very different from one another. Seems pretty legit.

2. One of these girls is named Hanna (I think), she is the main character. Or everyone talks about her the most, either or. She has a lot of issues, which also seems pretty legit.

3. Hanna is of average weight and appearance. Many people (mostly dudes) think she is very unattractive.

4. Hanna gets naked a lot and has sex with many different men. This seems to baffle and upset many people.

5. It is supposed to be a modern day version of Sex In The City (which I have also never seen) but awkward-er.

6. It is supposedly very good and ground breaking in its realistic portrayal of 20-something women in New York City (right?).

7. Donald Glover from Community starred in it for a bit. I love him very much.

Reasons why I will probably never watch it:

1. It is not on Netflix.

2. There is a lot of pressure from women my age to have an opinion about and relate to it. I am not a 20-something, single, childless woman in New York City so I have a hunch I’ll have little enough to identify with. Okay, I am a 20-something female but I’m not sure how all encompassing that is. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t enjoy it necessarily, I mean I’m not The Mother of Dragons and I still love the shit out of Game of Thrones, but I guess I just feel pressured.  Pressured to have this deep meaningful opinion about it and that my opinion will have some sort of defining indication about who I am or something. I’ll do what I typically do in similar situations (i.e. discussions on religion, politics and what Jennifer Lawrence means for Hollywood), and avoid the situation.

3. It’s not really in my genera of tea, per say.  X-Files, Game of Thrones, Futurama, Scrubs, The Office, those are flavors I enjoy sipping from time to time. Girls just doesn’t sound appetizing at this point in my life.

4. As an awkward person, watching other people be painful awkward gives me serious life anxiety. Apparently the show is designed to be pretty awkward and I just can’t handle that kind of stress right now.

5. I really don’t have a ton of time to watch T.V. these days. Well, actually, we don’t have cable, we have Netflix and Hulu, but I barely watch those either. Plus, the last season of X-Files is attempting to ruin my life and I only have room for one life ruining show at a time.

6. I can barely relate to other women my age as it is (no, it’s not because I’m a special ‘snowflake’ random commenter person, I just had some life events that put me at odds sometimes) and it could easily be another factor to separate me into the ‘you’ folder while everyone else gets to hang out in the ‘us’ folder.

7. Thought Catalog is calling for people to write books about the influence of this show on the current generation. Talk about more pressure. Sheesh. I would be more likely to read that than watch the show though, so if you feel adequately compelled to do so, I say go for it. I look forward to reading your thoughts; maybe it’ll even convince me to leap into the terrifying unknown that is controversial television.

8. But mostly because it’s not on Netflix. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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