The 50 Best Moments In A 90s Kid’s Life

1. When, by some miracle, Nick News didn’t come on at 8 with Linda Ellerbee and her god damn converse sneakers.

2. When your teacher rolled in a big TV and VCR and you knew that meant you were going to watch a movie… probably the Magic School Bus or School House Rock.

3. When your best friend had extra gushers.

4. When you got gel pens before you went to school and proceeded to write all over your arms with them.

5. When Topanga asked Corey to get married at graduation and all of your dreams came true.

6. When you told a Michael Jackson joke something along the lines of “what’s black, white and red all over?” and thought you were the funniest person ever.

7. While trading Pokemon cards, your friend had the exact one you wanted.

8. When you realized you had a butterfly clip that perfectly matched your outfit for the day.

9. When Britney would come on TV and you’d be dancing around your living room to “Stronger” while she was in that weird black abyss throwing around a chair.

10. When you went to Tower Records and got the newest Backstreet Boys or Dream CD.

11. Whilst deciding who in your friend group was each Spice Girl it was unanimously agreed that you were the spice you wanted to be and your coolness was thence affirmed.

12. When you opened your lunch box and saw that your mom packed a lunchable– Capri Sun and all.

13. You went to the book fair at your school and they had those pencils with huge erasers in different shapes.

14. When you were really mature because you sat through all four hours of the Titanic and you even got to watch the car scene with the handprint…

15. When you wanted to go online to play games on and you could because your mom wasn’t on the phone!

16. When you realized you finally got to the point in the school year where you went in for half days and just brought board games and played.

17. When you miraculously found a pencil grip in your desk so your hand wouldn’t hurt anymore, thank God.

18. When you got back from trick or treating just in time to watch Halloweentown.

19. When you were able to do Skip It for longer than any of your friends.

20. When you correctly predicted what color your Dannon Sprink’lins yogurt would turn at lunch.

21. When you read every Berenstain Bears book and subsequently learned all of your life lessons from them.

22. When someone got you a Now! CD for your birthday.

23. Or even better, a Limited Too gift card.

24. Steve Madden stretchy platform sandals in black. That is all.

25. There’s no gravity between us our love is automatic… zoom, zoom, zoom make my heart go boom, boom, my supernova girl. These words mean something to you because everything was Proto Zoa and nothing hurt.

26. You were thrilled to see any of the following on the “coming up next!” commercials: Hey Arnold, Doug, Rocket Power, Power Rangers, Recess, Full House, Fresh Prince, Mighty Ducks, Catdog, The Wild Thornberries, As Told By Ginger, etc.

27. When a new Disney channel original movie was coming on and it was your reason for existing that day.

28. When you finally decided to let go of the fact that you would never know where Moodie’s mom from Moodie’s Point on the Amanda Show was.

29. When your Sand Art came out perfectly and none of the colors mixed.

30. When you found the state quarter you were looking for because you were collecting them all as they came out.


32. When you managed to keep your Tamagotchi alive for more than a day.

33. When the person you wanted to get slimed, did.

34. When your got new colored wheels for your Razor scooter.

35. When you had enough tickets to get what you wanted at Chuck-E-Cheese

36. When Britney and Justin were dating and all was right with the world.

37. When you got a Wonder Ball on your way out of the grocery store and were filled with joy and entertainment for the next hour.

38. When you spent your afternoons being enamored by Aladdin or The Lion King.

39. When you knew the Carlton, Macarena and Electric Slide and were able to perform any of them at any given celebratory gathering.

40. The day you accepted your feelings for Uncle Jesse. Boys, you’re not excluded from this one.

41. When you got your hands on the Beanie Baby you had your eyes on for-like-ever.

42. When your Blow Pen art came out like a Picasso.

43. When your Furbie shut up for more than 5 minutes.

44. When you were a badass and watched Austin Powers and could go to school and tell everyone about it.

45. When you got to a new level on a Sega game.

46. While you were playing outside during the summer, you came in for a freeze pop, and your mom just happened to hand you your favorite color.

47. When you pretended to be engaged (or proposed) with a ring pop.

48. When you got to the computer in school first so you could play Oregon trail.

49. When your MASH life worked out how you wanted it to.

50. When your walkman didn’t run out of battery before your long car ride was over.

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