21 People On Why Their Lives Are Beautiful

21 strangers were asked why their lives are beautiful. Here are their responses.

Joshua, 26

Answer: “It is what I make it, and I want it to be beautiful… It’s about gratitude.”

Emily, 34

Answer:“Why is my life beautiful? Because I’m always surprised by what happens next.”

Jacqui, 27

Answer: “Because of the people I surround myself with.”

Miranda, 27

Answer: “God.”

Sweet Street Symphony

Answer: “This. Right here.”

Devon, 50

Answer: “Because there’s always tomorrow.”

Matt, 34

Answer: “Because I can live on the beach in CA and visit NY.”

Katie, 23

Answer: My family. I have the best family, I’m really lucky.”

Joseph, 43

Answer: “Right now? Because I don’t have a care in the world.”

Bobby, 62

Answer: “A sunny day, a great cup of coffee, and my wife of 30 years.”

Zeke, 25

Answer: “Because I changed my whole life around when I left Kansas.”

Amanda, 21

Answer: My family and friends. I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of answers like that. But it’s true, they make it beautiful even when it really isn’t.”

Alex, 28

Answer: “Honestly, I’m one of the luckiest dudes. I have an amazing family, amazing friends, and I get to do something I love everyday.”

Aaron, 32

Answer: “Because I make it beautiful.”

Celia, 25

Answer: “My friends.”

Michaela, 24

Answer: Because I don’t do what I’m told, I do what I love.”

Ciarrin, 28

Answer: “Easy. My children.”

Jarod, 20

Answer: “That’s a good question. I guess because I surround myself with the things and people that make it beautiful.”

Daniella, 20

Answer: “Love.”

Jennifer, 29

Answer: “Because I’m in love. Not with a person, with my life.”

Kyle, 22

Answer: “Because I have the ability to follow my dreams.”

Anonymous, 25

Answer: “Honestly, it isn’t a lot of the time. But those moments that are, I think they’re worth waiting for… so I guess that’s my answer. The moments that make everything else worth it.”

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