The Things You Will Regret

You will regret that you didn’t care enough about other people. In retrospect, you’ll find that you spent too much time worrying about your own silly nuances that eventually worked themselves out anyway, rather than concerning yourself with others, which is what actually gives you a sense of purpose.

You will regret that you didn’t apologize and make amends. You will regret that you weren’t a big enough person to admit when you were wrong and make amends with someone who really mattered to you. You will regret the people you lost because of this. You’ll know this is the case especially when you find yourself admiring the humility of those who are big enough to admit their faults. We admire most what we wish we could do.

You will regret that you spent so much of your time worrying about things that always worked themselves out. You’ll eventually realize how many beautiful moments of your life were wasted because you were worrying about the outcome of something that a) turned out fine and b) worrying couldn’t change anyway.

You will regret that you didn’t do whatever it is you always dreamed of, especially when you didn’t do it for silly reasons. You know what I’m talking about because something came to mind after you read that. You will always be able to come up with a dozen excuses not to do something. At the end of the day, you have to just do your shit before it’s too late.

You will regret that you didn’t tell someone you loved them. In the moment, the fear of rejection is so poignant you’re afraid to be so honest and vulnerable, I get it. But trust me, you will look back and realize that the possibility of being rejected would have been worth the other possibility of something incredible happening with you and the person you always had eyes for.

Because above all else, you will regret that you didn’t love people when you had the chance. Once they’re gone (whether literally or they’re just not in your life anymore) you’ll realize how wonderful it was to have that person around, you’ll start romanticizing every memory of them and you’ll start to miss them. Really, really miss them. You know when this is at it’s worst? When you didn’t love them while you had the chance.

Moral of the story: love others, apologize when you’re wrong, stop worrying, do what you most want to, tell your person you love them and then love them while you have the chance. These are the things that matter, and these are the things you’ll wish you would have done one day. TC Mark

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