The 5 Guys You Date In College

I have dated an eclectic mix of people in my college career, and from this, as well as observing my lovely lady friends and their romantic woes, I have realized that there are a few different categories of guys you date in college:

1. Mr. I’ll-Never-Get-Over-You. It’s the person you always come back to, the one you ugly cry over after a glass of wine too many This is the person your friends all know to be wary of and you try to avoid passing on campus at all costs. Sometimes its a boyfriend from high school, or someone you learned to lean on while in your high-school-to-college transition. Regardless, two things remain true about this relationship: it’s messy and everybody has had it.

2. Mr. Would-Be-Right. Actually, this is more of a fantasy relationship we have in our heads and ladies you all know what I’m talking about. The guy you would be perfect for and everything about him is magical and mysterious and if he would only give you the time of day you’d probably have a ring by spring. If you manage to coerce him into dating you, congratulations, please give me a few pointers.

3. Mr. Right-Now. More or less the most viable option for your dating life. It’s something you know won’t last forever, but you still want to date him anyway. It’s the relationship you know has an expiration date post-grad. Whether or not you’re hoping that expiration date isn’t real, it’s Mr. Right-Now that’s the one you look back on and kick yourself over for wasting your college years when it clearly wasn’t going anywhere.

4. Mr. We’re-Really-More-Friends-Than-Anything-Else. You get along, you have a great time together, you enjoy each other’s company and your relationship may even be physical solidifying being in “relationship” territory as opposed a the sad, sex-less “friendship.” But there’s something that’s missing with this guy, and it’s that compulsory oh-my-god-I-am-enamoured-by-you glue that keeps people coming back to one another. We call this the spark. Mr. We’re-Really-More-Friends-Than-Anything-Else does not ignite such fire.

5. Mr. Reach-And-Settle. This is the relationship where one of you is the reacher and the other is the settler. Regardless of which side you’re on, someone is settling, and that’s reason enough to shrug it off as just another flimsy college relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Danielle Moler

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