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8 Common Lies Your Partner Will Tell You

We have to start embracing that relationships, like the people in them, will be flawed in a thousand ways, and what makes them last is our ability to cope, not our ability to ignore the issues or deny their existence.

10 Ways You Know Autumn Is Your Season

Autumn is indefinite. You’ll get glimpses of what was and what’s coming, and in those days of familiar heat or foreign cold, you appreciate the balance, and the equilibrium that much more. Also: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES AND SCARVES.

7 Reasons You’ll Love Someone

You’ll love them because you know you’re meant to, and because this knowing comes from a place so deep within you, it’s something that cannot be reckoned with. It simply is, as are you.

If Suicide Was An Acceptable, Personal Decision

We, as a culture, are of the belief that suicide is both the result of mental illness and it is considered something that is cowardly and “weak” because the person didn’t respect their life nor did they respect the lives of those they were acquainted with. But what Martin Manley did challenged all of that.

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